Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yogi Cut Off Tee

Yogi Cut Off Tee and Serenity Hoodie. The tee almost looks like she made it herself by cutting up an old shirt.

Mudra Tank and Cadet Serenity Shorts

Cadet No Limit Tank and Embrace Crops

Forest Street to Studio Pants

New Floral Pattern

The lululemon blog previewed a new tank style with a new floral print. I don't have a name on this tank. My guess is the colors look too bright for this to be a cotton material.  OMG, this will teach me to put up a post at 6 am. This is the Run: Split Singlet in a new floral print.

Back of the Run Split Singlet that was previewed in Britt's Picks.
Water Bound Tank in black/angel wing Flowabunga.

Thanks to Ms. K. for the head's up on this.