Friday, June 20, 2014

More of the Latest - Serenity Pant, Short, and Refresher Racer Dress

Serenity Pant. Worn with the Mudra tank in the second photo.

Cadet Serenity Short and 105F singlet.

Heathered White and Cadet Mudra tanks.

Black Scoop Neck tank and Flowabunga Wunder Under Pant (from Australia)

Lots more Refresher Racer Dress photos.

UK Site Heads Up - Flowabunga Dart and Dash Short & Inspires Plus Rolling with My Omies Tank

Dart and Dash Short

Inspire Crops
These crops look really sharp paired with a black top.

I don't think the Flowabunga Inspire crops have been uploaded to the website yet but I know they've been in stores for a couple of weeks now. I bought them earlier this week. The Flowabunga Dart and Dash shorts are new, though. I might think about getting a pair of these if we get them. I bought a pair of Dart and Dashes a few weeks ago and really liked them for the one run (only 3 miles) I used them for.

The UK site also got a Rollin with my Omies tank. The tank is made out of Ultra Light Swift and also comes in solid black. It's designed for To & From.

I don't have a name for this but it was paired with the Flowabunga Inspires so it's an upcoming item. Nothing new - it's a Lightened Up SS (thanks to a reader who pointed this out.)

Skirt Comparison - Pace Setter, Pace Rival, and Hotty Hot

Curious Jungle Pace Setter Skirt

Flowabunga Hotty Hot Skirt

White Pace Rival Skirt
Comparison shorts of three skirt styles on the same woman. 

Shorts Comparison: Run Times, Tracker II, Hotty Hot, and Speed Shorts

Bleached Coral Run Times Short

Tracker II Short

Hotty Hot Short

Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speed Short
A nice comparison of four types of run shorts - Run Times, Tracker IIs, Hotty Hot, and Speed Shorts - on the same woman.

The Latest Britt's Picks

Thanks to a reader for letting me know the latest Britt's Picks sneak peek was up. New (mostly run) items coming next week. The second top identified as a Ta Ta Topper is not a Ta Ta Topper - I'm totally blanking on the style but I know we've seen it before. Update - It's the Run Split Singlet.

Refresher Racer Dress

Another Refresher Race Dress photo but one that is more brightly lit so you can get an idea how revealing it is when it fits snugly.

More Serenity Pant Photos

Heathered Forest Serenity Pant and Vita Loca Tank. As I pointed out in my previous post, you can see the outline of the front pockets.

Sun Salutation Scarf

Serenity Hoodie, Serenity Short, Serenity Pant, Refresher Racer Dress, and More

The new Serenity Hoodie. I tried this on yesterday and thought the arms were a bit snug but was otherwise TTS. I disliked the style as a whole.

Serenity Short photos. I tried these on yesterday, too, and really liked them. They were light, soft, and super comfy. I thought the fit was a generous TTS. I ended up getting the Cadet Blue.

Mudra Tank and Serenity Pant

You can see the outline of the front pocket on her right leg.
I tried these on, too, and loved them. They are lightweight, super soft, and comfy. My only nit with these is that I could see the front pocket outline on my leg, as shown in the web model photo. I thought the fit was a generous TTS. I was very tempted to get these but I have two pairs of Feel Good sweatpants, a pair of lulu Dance Sweat Pants, a pair of Lulu Pant IIs, and a pair of Base Runner pants so I'm good on comfy sweats.

Photos of the Refresher Racer Dress. This is made of full weight luon. I can see why I thought this fit on the snug side. I am used to the fit of CRBs but that is light luon and the dress is full weight luon. This came down past mid-calf on me, like the woman with the Cashew Festival Bag in the photo second from the bottom. I would say the fit is a form fitting TTS. The full weight luon has good coverage and does a nice job of smoothing imperfections.

A tiny tease of the new Yogi Cut Off Tank.

The Neon Pink Swiftly with a variety of shorts - Camo Hotty Hot, Flowabunga Multi Speeds (saw these on a woman at Disneyland yesterday and they looked so cute), and the Pretty Palm Speeds.

Opal Swiftly SS and Flowabunga Hotty Hot skirt.

New Sun Salutation scarf.

Bleached Coral No Limit Tank and matching Wunder Unders.