Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cadet Groovy Stripe Inspire Crops, Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speeds, and More

I think someone commented they spotted these new Cadet / Groovy Stripe Inspires in the stores but a photo of them finally turned up. Shown with the Aquamarine Runner Up Tank.

Photo showing the Bruised Berry Spray Dye and Curious Jungle Speed shorts. Also shown are Bruised Berry Wunder Under crops.

Photo of the Pretty Palm Print Run Times Shorts.

Ta Ta Toppers in Bruised Berry/Cool Breeze and Silver Spoon/White.
Triknosana T and Bruised Berry Roll Down Wunder Under Crops.

Stuff your Bra and Cadet Dart and Dash Short

Stuff Your Bra and Pretty Palm Speed Shorts

 Heathered Black Seamless Street Crop and Next to Nothing Tank.

Bruised Berry Speed Shorts

Try On Report: Run a Marathon Crop, Dart and Dash Short, Runner Up Tank and SS, Varsity Short, Fast and Free Jacket, and More

I went to the store today to return the Wamo Camo Water Bound Singlet I ordered and try on the latest items. I wasn't expecting to come home with the Dart and Dash short since I didn't like them much the last time they were out in 2012 but they've raised the rise a bit (see link and below) so decided to give these a try for summer running. I bought the solid black.

The Dart and Dash are described as low rise on the website but the tag says they are medium. Funnily enough, this is the opposite problem the 2012 Dart and Dashes had - the website called them medium rise but they were low rise.

Dart and Dash Block It Pocket (2014):
Front Rise: 9"
Rear Rise: 10.5"

2012 Dart and Dash:
Front Rise: 7"
Rear Rise: 9.5"

I'm planning to wear them for my run tomorrow morning so I should have some feedback for you then.

I also tried on three of the four Runner Up Tanks in black, Cool Breeze, and Aquamarine. This tank is very similar to the old Energy SL tank which I loved so much I owned four of them. I only sold them because they got too big for me. I ended up getting the black one today, even though it has words on it. The black on black is a very subtle look and I didn't care for the other colors it comes in. I'd say the fit on these tanks is a roomy TTS. They are fantastic run tanks - so light it's like you are wearing nothing. The only drawback I'd say is that the lighter colors like the Medium Gray and Cool Breeze will dampen noticeably with sweat. 

I also tried on the Runner Up SS in the Aquamarine and the Medium Gray. This top fits a lot snugger than the tank, particularly in the sleeves - the sleeves look snug on the woman in the above photo and if you go back through previous photos you'll see the sleeves are snug in a lot of the photos. I think maybe the armholes are kind of small, too. I'd say this top is a snuggish TTS.

I tried on two colors in the Run a Marathon crops, solid Black and the Pretty Palm print ones. I don't think the website is quite correct on the fabrics used in these. The black have a full on luxtreme back panel only and the Pretty Palm prints ones are all full on luxtreme.

I liked the solid black crops with the regular luxtreme front thigh since they felt noticeably cooler than the Pretty Palm crops. I really like the coverage the full on luon gives on the backside and thighs. I wasn't a fan of the print in the Run a Marathon crop since the back of the leg has a lot of black mesh and it seems to break the leg up oddly. I can't remember now why I didn't like the Run A Marathons last time they were out but the black ones seemed fine to me. I don't need more black run crops right now but I'd probably get a pair if I saw them on the markdown rack. I know people have been commenting that they don't care for the low rise too much but it seemed fine to me. The fit was TTS.

My store had a lone pair of Wamo Camo Inspire crops. These crops are solid full on luon and felt just like my Secret Garden Inspires. I thought they fit TTS. 

I tried on the Fast and Free jacket and was underwhelmed by it. It's a nice lightweight wind breaker but I'd prefer to see pockets that zip up and a way to secure or store the hood. The Aquamarine (and I think all the jackets) had the cheesy shiny plastic zipper that I don't care for. If a jacket is designated as a run jacket, I really like to see a zipper pocket in the middle of the back to store my phone. The jacket ran a roomy TTS.

Another surprise of the trip was how much I liked the Varsity shorts. I think they give you total long and flat mom-butt since they are so high waisted and plain the back but you can negate that by pulling your shirt over the shorts. I was surprised to find they ran large because in most of the photos they look snug and the pockets are gaping on people. However, an ed told me most people are sizing down in them. If they came in more compelling colors I probably would have bought a pair on the spot since they seemed so comfy but for right now they are staying in the store.

I know a lot of people love the Stuff Your Bra but I am not one of them. I find the support not as great as in the Energy bra and this bra gives me armpit fat since it doesn't come up that high in the armpit and/or the weight of my breasts is pulling the bra down.

I just want to add a performance report for the Water Bound bra. I've run (!) in this bra twice now and couldn't love it more. Running in a shelf bra is a new experience for me because (as a natural 36DD) I have a low tolerance for jiggle. I have only run in Ta Ta Tamers up until now. However, the burlap print Water Bound bra has stiff enough straps that it gives me very good support. I found the Wamo Camo Water Bound to have be not quite as supportive as the Burlap but it is still very good and the shorter straps of the design makes the girls sit up nice and high on the chest. The Blue Tropics is the stretchiest and most comfortable of the Water Bround bras. I won't lie, I was very aware of the strap configuration on my back when I first put on the Water Bound bra. I've grown used to it now but it might take some getting used to when you first wear the Burlap or Wamo Camo bra.

I also wore my black Water Bound Singlet for a run at the gym the other day. The tank is nice and light but I didn't care for how it stuck to me once it got wet with sweat. However, it did dry quickly and is a comfortable lightweight tank. I'd like to give this tank another try on an outside run where I suspect the air movement will keep the tank from getting too wet and sticky.

NEW! Next to Nothing Tank, Bruised Berry Items Hit the Stores and More

Bruised Berry Wee Space Flow Y and Roll Down Wunder Under Crops

New Next to Nothing Tank. Also shown are Bruised Berry Roll Down Wunder Under Crops and Seamlessly Street Crops.

New Bruised Berry Spray Dye Shorts. I can't tell whether these are Speeds or Tracker IIs. You would think both styles will be coming.

Trikonasana Tee.

Bruised Berry Speed Shorts.

Comparison: Run Times Shorts vs. Groovy Runs, Tracker IIs, Track Attacks, and Shake and Break Shorts

Front sides of (clockwise, starting top left): Run Times, Groovy Runs, Tracker IIs, Shake and Break, Track Attack.
Back view of (clockwise, starting top left): Track Attack, Tracker IIs, Run Times, Shake and Break, and Groovy Runs.
The Pretty Palm Print Run Times shorts I ordered Monday arrived today and I made a few comparisons to the other run shorts I have in my collection. All are size 12s. I believe the Run Times are intended to be the successor to the Groovy Runs since they have a similar waistband style and both have three pockets.

Run Times on top of Groovy Runs - back views

Run Times on top of Groovy Runs - front views
As you can see, the Run Times line up nearly identical to the Groovy Runs. However, the inseam is a bit shorter - 4" to 4.5" - and the leg opening is a bit narrower - 25" to 25 3/4". The Run Times definitely have the most narrow leg opening of any of the shorts I compared it to. The waistband is equally comfortable to the Groovy Runs. I like the back view better than the Groovy Runs, but of the five styles shown above the Run Times and Groovy Runs are probably my favorite back views.

Tracker IIs on top of the Run Times - front sides

Tracker IIs on top of the Run Times - back sides

Run Times on top of Tracker IIs - front sides

Run Times on top of Tracker IIs - back sides
Tracker II and Run Times shorts both have the same inseam - 4" - but the Tracker IIs look a little longer in these photos. The waistband on the Run Times is definitely widers. The Tracker II has larger leg openings by 1 3/8" inches.

I made a chart comparing some measurements of the five types of shorts pictured plus some Speed short info. The leg opening numbers in parentheses are the measurements I made on my own shorts since I am not sure how lululemon measures the leg openings on the shorts.

All in all, I really like the new Run Times shorts. I think the fit is very similar to Groovy Runs except the leg opening is snugger. Groovy Runs are probably my favorite style of run short but I think I can live with the new Run Times. I want to caveat that I don't run in these shorts, they are walking shorts and casual wear for me.