Sunday, May 25, 2014

Movement Jacket Photo

Photo of the new Movement Jacket - a new lightweight hoodie. Update - it also comes in solid black.

Stuff Your Bra and More

Apex Stripe Stuff Your Bra

New run top - the Runner Up Short Sleeve. I'm not a big fans of words on my chest unless it's a race shirt or my alma mater so pass for me.

Pace Rival Skirts.

Dhanurasana Crops

Mesh High Times crop. Shown with the Be Present pullover.

New Vinyasa.

A couple more Rocket Skirt photos.

NEW! Movement Jacket and Bruised Berry Forme Photos

Reader Julia (thank you!) sent me some photos of the new Bruised Berry Forme. It's trimmed with an interesting Bruised Berry Wee Space pattern which I hope we see more of.

Also, there is a new jacket out called the Movement Jacket that has been described as a "light Scuba." I'm very excited to see that. I've been dying for a lightweight Scuba since the old Remix Light jacket were last out. As soon as I dig up a photo, I will post.

Spotted in Stores - Bruised Berry and Forest Green Forme Jackets

I've been searching for a photo of the new Forest Green Forme for you guys and this one popped up in one of my Facebook groups (many thanks to Ms. S.!!!). This photo shows the Bruised Berry Forme (Yay!) and a little bit of the new Forest Green color.