Friday, May 16, 2014

Latest Britt's Picks - New Swim Line

Britt's Picks are out and new swim items are coming, including rash guards and board shorts. There is also a swim version of the men's Pace Breakers coming.

Spotted in Stores - Wamo Camo Scuba

Spotted in stores  - a new Wamo Camo Scuba. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

More of the Latest

The new, lightweight striped Silver Spoon Vinyasa and Burlap Wunder Under Crops.

A few more photos of the Burlap Wunder Under crops. Shown with a light gray 105F Singlet and Cadet Groovy Stripe Energy bra.

The High Times Crops and new Vinyasa.

Pop Stripe Dune Forme Jacket, High Times Crops, and More

The Pop Stripe Heathered Dune Forme Jacket.

More photos of the Burlap Rest Less Tank and matching Wunder Under Crops.

Lots more photos of the black Burlap Wunder Under Crops.

Fatigue High Times Crops with the Go Go V Neck and Cropped CRB.

Rest Less Tank and Speed Shorts.