Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cadet Super Stripe Wunder Under Pant, High Times Crops, Flowabunga Energy Bra, and More

Photos of the new Cadet/White Super Stripe Wunder Under Pant.

Also shown is the Solo Bra and New School Jacket.

The new high Times Crops Cadet.

The Flowabunga Energy bra.

I could be wrong but this looks like an Aquamarine 105F Singlet to me. Also shown is a Barely Pink Free to Be bra and Wamo Camo Wunder Under Pants.

I really like the Dune/Black Hot Spell Bra.

Bananarama Free to Be bra. I hope this is coming in an Energy Bra, too.

I know a reader asked about this tank - the Free to Be tank - in the comments a couple of days ago. I'm not sure if it is coming back or this is old stock. I saw two photos of it today, one from a pop up store (small temporary stores that are going up all over) and another from an outlet store.

Another call back from last summer - the Energy tank. Again, I am not sure if this is coming back or is older stock from last year they are re-releasing. This is from a regular store.

The Keep On Running Duffel in the Needa Margarita print showed up on the Hong Kong website. People are finding it in their local strategic partner stores, however, and it's $148.

Blue Tropics Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops !!! (?)

Australian readers - you'll have to confirm whether these are real - they look like Blue Tropics Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops to me. Are my eyes deceiving me or are these in your stores? If so, I hope they come here. Squeee!!