Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket and More

Photo of the Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket. It doesn't look like much in this photo but I am loving mine. It has a bit of a sheen to it and looks so silvery. I particularly like it with Vintage Pink and Blue Tropics underneath.

Nice closeups of the Early Gray Studio Jacket. Also shown are the Roll Down Wunder Under crops.

Two more Earl Gray DSJ photos.

Same woman as above - Groovy Stripe Static Wave Dune Power Y with Roll Down Wunder Crops and Salutation to Savasana Tee on top.

The Burlap Wunder Under crops and Peace of Mind Tank.

Deep Shore Studio Pants and Iconic Wrap.

Photo of the Hot Spell bra under a 105F Singlet tank.

In the Flow crops, Salutation to Savasana tee, and the To Class Jacket.

Black Burlap To Class Jacket

Though I didn't care for the To Class Jacket when I tried it on this woman is really selling it to me. I love the way it looks on her.

Nice photo showing real life color of the Wamo Camo Cool Racerback. This print comes up washed out looking in so many of the photos.

Nice detail photos of the Hold Your Om and Go Lightly Bags.  I'm kind of hoping a Go Lightly bag shows up in this print:

Dune Studio Jacket, Wamo Camo, Pineapple Print, and More

A rare photo of the Dune Studio Jacket.

The White/Dune Groovy Stripe No Limit Tank and Soot Light Wunder Under crops.

Heathered Medium Gray Roll Down Wunder Under Crop, Peace of Mind Tank, and Hot Spell Bra.

Interesting photo of the Burlap print Wunder Under crops here, they look really blotchy. Also shown is the Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell bra, and Go Lightly bag.

Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell bra, and Pineapple print Wunder Under Pant.

Blue Tropics Spray Dye Tracker II shorts and Bleached Coral Swiftly tank. Shown with the Go Lightly and Flow to Om Bags.

The wamo camo print on a curvier person. I know there was some discussion in the comments about wamo camo not looking good on size 10/12 but my personal opinion (as a size 10/12) is that I'm not going to fool someone into thinking I have a size six rear by sticking to black bottoms so might as well own it and wear attention-grabbing prints and colors. These are gym clothes, not street clothes, so might as well have fun while you're sweating your ass off.