Monday, April 28, 2014

Website Sneak Peek - Pink "Camo"

A reader points out the reverse side of the Dune/Earl Gray Skinny Grooves are the new "pink camo" print we saw in the Summer Sneak Peek video.


New Burlap Texture Black Inspire Crops (US only)

Canada got Pigment Blue Inspires. These are full on luxtreme in the rear.

Pipe Dream Club Shorts

Twist and Wrap Wrap

I don't know if this is an error or something new but the upload is up early today (thanks to reader, Melissa, for the heads up). The tennis/golf line showed up. I'm not that excited about the stuff (the roll down Camo Wunder Under crops were uploaded) except I did order the new Burlap Texture Inspire Crops.

Did you order anything?

More of the Latest

Also shown is the Iconic Wrap
The Twist and Wrap ($118).

Reversible Pipe Dream/Black Wunder Under Crops.

Solo Bra

Pipe Dream Energy Bra, Pretty Purple Cool Racerback, Blue Tropic In the Flow Crops

Vitasea Iconic Wrap

Summer Sneak Peek Video Screencaps

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on the new Summer Sneak Peek Video. Here are some screencaps from it.

Raspberry is Back

Hmm, this just popped up - a new Raspberry Scoop Neck tank shown with the Hot Hitter Skort.

NEW! Club Shorts and More

Hot Hitter Polo in Pipe Dream Stripe and new Club Shorts ($78) made of Warpstream.

New Solo Bra and Astro Pants.

NEW! Solo Bra, Twist and Wrap, Camo Wunder Under Roll Down Crops, and More

New bra called the Solo Bra shown in the top photo and top right of the second photo. Also note, a new stripe pattern in the the Free to Be bra in the second row. The Solo Bra is made of luon.

New Boolux Twist and Wrap wrap. $118.

New Twist and Wrap also shown. Also shown are Pipe Dream Blue WUCs and Blue Tropic In the Flow Crops.
The Iconic Wrap is also back. This time in Vitasea fabric.

Black Camo Wunder Under crops are back in the Roll Down version.

New Heathered Blue Tropic In the Flow Crops.

Pipe Dream Blue Muscle Tank.

Reversible Pipe Dream Blue/Black Wunder Under Crops.

New Blue Tropics Tracker II Shorts.