Friday, April 25, 2014

Silver Spoon Wee Space Speed Shorts

A couple of photos of new Silver Spoon Wee Space Speed Shorts. Most of my feed is full of the Hot Hitter Skort and Club Dress which I dislike so much I can't be bothered to post more photos of them.

These photos are the standins for the dozens I won't post and will speak for themselves:

Two women with great legs and figures done absolutely no favors by their clothes. Lulu fail!

Hot Hitter Skort and More

Hot Hitter Polo and Skort. 

Om Me Home Jacket and Club Dress.

Pow and Clear Mint Swiftlys with Secret Garden. Speaking of matching items to Secret Garden I got my upload order yesterday. I had ordered the Secret Garden Energy bra, Pow 105F Singlet and the Cashew WAFS Power Y and CRB. I think out of all the items I am only keeping the Secret Garden Energy bra. The Pow 105F Singlet is a bit sheer - I can see the Secret Garden print on my bra through  it. I also really like Angel Blue best paired with this print. The Pow paired with all the roses seems like pink overload. I have first run Angel Blue 105F from the first run of the tank but I may look into getting an Angel Swiftly tank, though I wish they were solid and not heathered. As for the Cashew WAFS CRB and Power Y, the CRB is super soft and nicely thick. I do like the print but the grays and blacks make me think more of fall than summer so not sure if I will keep it. I'm on the fence about it now. The Power Y is nicely thick but I like the CRB better in the print.