Thursday, April 24, 2014

Muscle Tank Photo

Photo of the new Muscle Tank and Soot Light Wunder Unders.

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Club Dress, Hot Hitter Polo, and Hot Hitter Skort.

Cashew striped Scuba

Clear Mint Lightened Up Pullover

Om Me Home Jacket

Secret Garden Inspires

NEW! Muscle Tank, Roll Down Black Camo Wunder Under Crop, Wee Space Flow Y Bras, and Soot Wunder Under Crops

For those of you who love the Roll Down Wunder Under Crop, good news. It's coming back in the black camo print in denim luon.

New Muscle Tank made of luxtreme. Judging by how this look on the hanger this has potential for me as a run top. I'm dying to see this on.

Update - oh wait. The armholes are super deep. Hmmm. Not nearly as excited about this now.

Soot Light full on luon Wunder Under crops are in the stores. Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos of these items.

New space dye Flow Y bras in a light pink and Blue Tropics are in the stores. (Thanks to Ms. Q. for these photos.)

NEW! Hot Hitter Skort, Hot Hitter Polo, and More

More photo of the Club Dress ($98). From the one set of try-on photos I saw it seems this dress is size-upper due to a really snug top portion made of light luxtreme.

The Hot Hitter Polo is back in Black/Secret Garden and White. Also shown is a new Hot Hitter Skort and the Club Dress. None of these looks very good to me.

New color in the Flow Y bra - I'm guessing Silver Spoon with Pretty Purple and Creamsicle Pop. Also shown is a white Om Me Home Jacket and Pretty Purple Pace Setter Skirt.

The Secret Garden Inspires have hit US stores. 

Pipe Dream No Limit Tank, Deauville Stripe Energy bra and Pipe Dream Tracker II shorts.

NEW! Tennis Capsule - Club Dress

New Pipe Dream Club Dress for tennis.