Friday, April 18, 2014

Secret Garden and Petite Fleur Inspire Crop Photos

Photo from a Canadian store.

Photos of the new full on luxtreme print Inspire Crops. My store had the new Petite Fleur but not the Secret Garden. I took both pairs with me to see how they looked in the three way mirror and ended up returning the Petite Fleur and keeping the Secret Garden, for now. Both are nicely thick and I couldn't see my nude underwear through under either pair. However, the Secret Garden fits a bit looser and the darker colors work better for me, I think. I was kind of hoping my store would have the Secret Garden Inspires in so I could check out the print distribution on another pair since but they didn't. I'm going to leave the tags on a little longer since it is a very noticeable print and I'm not sure how brave I am. I also returned the Pow Light Cool Racerback since I already have Pow and a couple other CRBs that are super close to Pow. I tried on the new Lightened Up LS and liked it a lot better than the Runamuck LS. I thought the fit was a generous TTS and the cut is figure flattering.

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback and More

Secret Garden and Pigment Blue Coast Tanks.  I really liked the Coastal Tank when I tried it on last year but I didn't know how the swim material would perform in the gym so I left it at the store. I think it was a size down item but can't recall. Anyone have this and use it at the gym and can comment on how it performs?

Some Breathe and Flow Tank photos. This tank looks very pretty on these women but I felt like I wear wearing a nightie when I tried on a returned white one at the store. The bra is also rather low cut and low support so I also showed a ton of cleavage.

You can't see much of the racing stripes on the crops but at least the colors are true to life in this photo.

Clear Mint and Vintage Pink/Pretty Purple Pace Crops.

Secret Garden Cool Racerback

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback

Secret Garden Free Reign Short

Secret Garden Speed Short

New Secret Garden/Pow Light Wunder Under Crops.

New visor.

New Scuba and Pow Light Cool Racerback

Pretty Purple Power Y

Deauville Stripe Power Y

Pow Pink Light Forme Jacket