Friday, April 11, 2014

NEW! Lightened Up Short Sleeve Tee, Mat to Street Pant, and More

New Lightened Up Short sleeve in Cashew/White. This looks like UPF material to me, though it could be a mix of ultraswift and luxtreme.

I believe these are both Pipe Dream blue Scoop Neck Swiftly tees. Also shown are the Pipe Dream Blue Tracker shorts.

New Mat to Street Pant made of Tencel.

Antidote 105F Singlet and Clear Mint Pace Crop.

Pace Queen Tight closeups.

Cashew Nice Asana Jacket

Black Tone It Tank and Secret Garden Speed Shorts

Reds and Pinks in Secret Garden

Love Red and Currant headbands on top of Secret Garden.

Starting from top left and going counterclockwise: Bleached Corral, Pink Shell, Love Red, and Perfect Paris.