Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dancing Warrior Tank Try On Report and More

Dancing Warrior Tank photos. I bought one of these today. The tank is a roomy TTS and very accommodating for larger busts without showing cleavage. It also comes up nicely high in the armpit so no armpit fat/side boob issues at all. It's long, too. I was wavering back and forth between black and the Secret Garden print but went with the print since it's very showy. I might go back and get the black after I wear the print. The support is low but I plan to use it for weights and step mill workouts. I also got matching full on luon Gather and Crows since they were on markdow for $49. I don't particularly love the G&Cs but I do find full on luon super breathable so I figured it was a cheap way to get some full on luon crops.

I tried the Satya tank on, too. It's definitely made for ladies with more athletic busts. I found it snug and way too small in the bust for me.

Secret Garden Free to Be Bra.

Go Go V Neck.

Cashew Wee Are From Space Forme and More

Cashew Wee Space Forme Jacket. Also shown is the Tie One On Pant, Astro Wunder Under Pant, Dancing Warrior Tank, and Power Y. I tried this Forme on today and liked it but not enough to bring it home.

I tried on the Cashew Wee Space Wunder Under Crop and Pant today and found them soft and opaque. I didn't love color, though, so the ones I ordered Monday night will be going back to the store. I'm going to cross my fingers for Cadet Wee Space Wunder Under crops.

Antidote Boogie short. Shown with the Cashew Salutation to Savasana Tank and Wee Space Silver Spoon Dancing Warrior tank. 

Heathered Black In the Flow Dress.

Secret Garden Scuba.

As a comparison to the Scuba, Secret Garden Hold Your Om Hoodie. The black accents and side panels on the Scuba makes the print not only more tolerable but really highlight it.

The Paceline Jacket, Jersey, and Shorts are back. My local store had these in today.

Pipe Dream Blue Tracker II Shorts, Free to Be Bra, and More

Pipe Dream Blue/Deauville Stripe Tracker II shorts. I would think Speeds will be coming in this color combo, too.

Pipe Dream Blue Free to Be bra.

Pipe Dream Blue Stroll Stripe Scuba Hoodie

Pipe Dream Stroll Stripe Astro Wunder Under Pant. Also shown is the Go Go V-neck tee, Free to Be bra, and Pipe Dream blue stripe Scuba hoodie.