Saturday, March 29, 2014

Comparison: Still Pant to Still Pant II

Wren Still Pant I left, Cadet Still Pant II Right, both size 10

Cadet Still Pant II left, size 10, and Branch Still Pant I, size 8

I returned the Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under crops I ordered last week (I like the print but figure I will tire of it rather soon, particularly in a pant) and picked up the new Still Pant IIs in Cadet Full On Luon. I hadn't bought a pair of Still Pants since Wren came out (Wow, didn't realize that was three years ago!). After that, luon fabric got too thin and the material didn't drape as nicely as my older pairs of Stills. The new Full On Luon solves this issue and the Cadet Stills drape very nicely. (I've also tried on the Heathered Medium Gray Still IIs and find them on the thinner side (by which I mean I can tell the color of my underwear in a deep bend) and they don't drape as nice. Though they are listed as being full on luon on the website I don't think Heathered Medium Gray is a full on luon material, but I could be wrong. I've found it rather thin in every bottom I've tried on in the color.)

The website says the Still II's fit has been updated so they are snug in the rear and loose in the leg. I thought they fit about the same as older Stills until I wore my Wren last night and realized they've definitely taken a lot of the excess material out of the crotch/hip area, so much so that you probably don't have to size down nearly as much. I've read of people going down two sizes in Still pants to get the desired fit and I think that's now a thing of the past.

I compared the new Cadet Still IIs to my older Wren Stills. Both were size ten. I also have a pair of older Still in Branch in size eight.

The bottom line is that my new size ten Still IIs fit much closer to an older pair of size eight Still pants. Here are some measurements and photos:

Size 10 Cadet Still IIs on top of size 10 Wren Still Is

Close up of Size 10 Cadet Still IIs on top of older size 10 Wren Still Pants.

How I measured the rise on the Cadet pair - waistband to bottom row of horizontal stitching

Front rise measurement on the older Wren pair

Size 8 Branch Still Pant Is on top of new size 10 Cadet Still Pant IIs

Size 8 Branch Still Pant I on top of Size 10 Cadet Still Pant IIs

Too Funny!!

New "product" on the website:

If you haven't seen the Jimmy Kimmel skit, here it is: