Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rocket Tights and More

 White Front Racer Tank, Petite Fleur Flow Y, and Rocket Tights.

The Black/Camo Rocket Tights

The Black/Camo Rocket tights with the Black Post Savasana Jacket.

From Australia, Cadet Wee Space Forme Jacket with the Petite Fleur Cool Racerback underneath.

Not So Petite Fleur Nice Asana Jacket, Cadet Blue Still Pant, and Antidote Flow N Go Tank.

Petite Fleur Scuba II Hoodie.

Angel Tone It Tank, Petite Fleur Pace Queen Tight, Lullaby Cut the Crops.

Lullaby LS Swiftly (super soft) with the Gray Rad Plaid Speeds.

Runamuck SS and Cadet Inspire Crops

Very Light Flare Nice Asana Jacket

Lullaby Speed Shorts

Angel Free to Be bra, Black Front Racer, and Petite Fleur Wunder Under crops.

Petite Fleur Forme Jacket and Lullaby In the Flow Crops

Petite Fleur No Limit Tank and Lullaby In the Flow crops

From Australia, Chase Me II crops

More from Australia - Gray Love Some Run and Cadet Forthrite Half Zip

Heathered Gray Swiftly Tank - super pretty. I'm hoping this is coming in a LS.

Lots More Post Savasana Jacket Photos

I love the Post Savasana Jacket on this woman.

Shown with Cadet Still Pants

Post Savasana Jacket Photos

Some photos of the new Post Savasana Jacket. Not sure whether I like this or not. I know I dislike the hefty price tag.

Comparison Photos: Savasana Camo Vs. Retro Camo

Black Retro Camo CRB on left vs. the new Black Savasana Camo on the right. The camo print in the new CRB is super, super subtle. (Note, I think it shows up better in these photos than it does in real life.) I find it too subtle for me so it's going back to the store.

Showing how much the other camos show up better than the Black Savasana Camo CRB - Fatigue Savasana Camo CRB on the left, Black Savasana Camo in center, Retro Black Camo CRB on right, and black Savasana denim camo Wunder Under crops on the bottom. The print shows up better in the denim luon than the polyseter light luon used in the Cool Racerback.

Savasana Camo WUCs on left and CRB on the right - the print shows up much better in the crops.

Retro Camo CRB on top left, Savasana Camo CRB on right, and Savasana Camo WUCs on bottom.