Saturday, March 22, 2014

Order Processing Snafu

Lululemon had major computer issues this week which seemed to take down the back end of their order-processing system. The front side seemed to take the orders just fine, but it sounds like the backside got overwhelmed or worse (hacked?). My IT friend suggests lululemon finally load-balanced the front end so that crashes may become a thing of the past (yay!) but thinks the back-end still needs some work. She said it's very hard to get it right without the system being under an actual load. Lululemon sent out e-mails on Thursday saying we'd getting shipping confirmations within 48 hours. Lululemon is also going to upgrade the shipping to express for everyone. Either way, no one has received their orders made Monday night, though some people are starting to get shipping notices and a few are getting cancellation notices.

I ordered the Black Camo CRB and Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under crops right about 10:00 pm on Monday night. I also made a repeat my order on the crops Wednesday as insurance. When I use the Track My Order feature on the website both my orders still say processing. I did send an email to the GEC about my Monday order and they replied, saying they could see the order and they were working on the problem.  Late yesterday afternoon, people started getting shipping notices and I've heard a few have gotten cancellation notices. This morning people are posting that they are getting e-gift cards - I did, too - and I think it's only to the people who have not yet received a shipping notice and/or got their order cancelled. People are posting on my Facebook groups that conversations with lululemon Chat says the company is committed to shipping within the next 24 hours.

What did you order? What is your order status as of now? Did you get a GC?

Update - I got an email in the late morning that my Monday order has been shipped - yay!