Friday, March 21, 2014

Lullaby Speed Shorts, New WAFS WUPs, and Cadet WAFS Pace Rival Skirt

New Ambiet Gray Rad Plaid and Lullaby Speed Shorts. Also shown is the Lightened Up Pullover in Clear Mint (I think) and the Runamuck SS. I believe the swiftly in the bottom photo is Clear Mint and not Antidote but I could be wrong.

New Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Pant color is out. I had heard rumors of a Cashew/Black WAFs coming but this looks more gray so I'd guess Soot/Ambient Gray or Soot/Cashew. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.) These were spotted in an Ontario store. Update - the color code for these is WABC/BLK.

New Pace Rival Skirt in Cadet WAFS print. Also shown are the Ambient Gray Rad plaid Speed shorts. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Antidote Flow N Go Tank with Petite Fleur Pace Rival Skirt.

Black Camo Pace Setter Skirt.

Color Comparison: Lullaby Vs. Power Purple, Cool Breeze, Lilac, and Porcelaine

For those of you wondering how Lullaby stacks up compared to similar purples, here it is compared to Lilac High Noon Dot, Power Purple (top and headband), and Cool Breeze on the right.

Lullaby compared to some blues: Going clockwise, starting on the left - Angel Blue, Cornflower, Spry Bangbuster, Porcelaine Bangbuster, and Beaming Bangbuster.

NEW! Rocket Tight, Mesh Tank, Pace Rival Skirt, Plaid Speeds, and More

New padded Rocket Tights (do not like these at all - they remind me of my son's baseball sliding pants except made from mummy wrappings). However, check out that new mesh tank she has tucked into the pants. I might like that provided it isn't too sheer.

New Pace Rival Skirt in Petite Fleur.

Note the new plaid Speed Shorts. These look almost like Rad Plaid to me except with different colors, I'd guess Ambient Gray Rad Plaid. They are Ambient Gray Rad Plaid.

The new Front Racer Tank, shown with Tech Mesh Tights, Here to There Shorts, and Wunder Under Crops.

New Bangbuster Colors

Antidote/Black Cut the Crops

Petite Fleur - Scuba, Forme, Nice Asana

New Post Savsana Jacket and Sand to Savasana Duffel

Retro Camo Front Racer, Savasanah Camo CRB and Pace Setter Skirt.

Cadet/Lullaby Inspire Crops