Thursday, March 20, 2014

The New Front Racer Tank - Super Short

Thanks to Ms. N. for this great comparison photo of the new Front Racer Tank laid on top of a Fatigue Cool Racerback. The May release Front Racer Tank was slightly longer by nearly an inch to the Cool Racerback. The new tag calls this length "hip length" but it isn't highlighted in the product name at the top, which it really should be since it's such a substantial change to the design. Either that, or call it the Front Racer II.

Previous version of the Front Racer tank on the bottom with a Cool Racerback on top.

Tag for new Front Racer Tank

Tag for previous version of the Front Racer

Camo Pace Setter Skirt and Retro Camo Front Racer Spotted in Stores

Spotted in a Colorado store, the Front Racerback tank in Retro (!) Camo. This is the camo that was released a couple of years ago. (Thanks to Ms. N. for the photo.)

First photo to surface of the camo Pace Setter Skirt.

Parallel Stripe Wunder Crops Back in Stores (To Size 10!), Also Macro Micro Inspires are Back - Is this the End of the Scarcity Model?

The Parallel Stripe Wunder Under crops have made a reappearance in stores (in size ten, too) so it looks like there was a second production run made. I know these are so December 2013 but since they didn't make them in size ten the first time around I made sure to get a pair today. Now I have to think about what to do with the pair of eights sitting in my drawer. ;-)

The Macro Micro Inspires are also in stores so if you missed them the first time around, now is your chance to get them.

It seems like lululemon is changing it's release model somewhat. We've seen some past-season pieces pop up in the stores - the Runbeam longsleeves from last summer are the latest example. We're now seeing red hot items getting second production runs and everyone has noted a lack of cohesiveness, if you will, in the seasonal palettes. For example, we've recently had Camouflage, Beachscape, Milky Way, and Petite Fleur as four recent prints and their associated coordinating solid colored-pieces that are totally stand alone and won't work together (e.g., fatigue and lullaby). I don't think I mind this at all. I know everyone is really loving the all the print bottoms and pretty much draining their bank accounts, not to mention crashing the website on a weekly basis, to acquire each of them. As for making second production runs of super popular print bottoms, I don't think I mind too much as long as the production runs stay fairly small and/or the great prints keep coming. The more lululemon blankets us with great prints the lower the chances some other woman in our same class will be wearing the identical item. 

Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under Crops

Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under Crops, shown with the Iconic Wrap in the top phtoos. Also shown are Milky Way crops.

Another Peplum Tank photo.

Flare Swiftly LS and the Heathered Medium Gray Still Pants. I tried these on and didn't care for them since they are on the thinner side. However, I tried on the Cadet Blue Stills last week and really liked them. I was very tempted to get them, the last pair of Stills I bought were the Wren. They are made of the heavier Full On luon material so they drape a lot more like "vintage" Stills do. I think the fit has changed on Stills, though. There is a lot less excess material in the crotch compared to my older, 'vintage' versions of the Still pant. That's not a bad thing. People used to size down two sizes in these and I don't think you need to anymore.