Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Peplum Tank, New School Jacket,

I tried on the Peplum tank today. I did not like it on me - I found it too short. I wish it was just a normal straight tank because I really like the front and back of the top portion. It reminds me a lot of the old Spark Tank. I found the fit a snug TTS.

Photos of the &Go New School baseball-style Jacket. I liked the jacket but it seems rather plain in the styling. I found the fit TTS.

Bonded bottom hem.

The Here to There Tank. I found it a loose TTS. The bottom hem is bonded. The Warpstream material is interesting, kind like a stiffer more matte luxtreme. I can see getting this to use as a travel piece - it's dressy but made to sweat and breathe in. My only concern is how wrinkled it would get in a suitcase. 

The Here to There pant. My store had these today but only to a size eight so I wasn't able to try them on.

New Beachscape Groovy Run shorts. Man, I wish I had ordered these last night. They look like they are already sold out on line and my stores only got them to a size ten. They really vary in pattern, though, so you might want to cherry pick them.

Free to Be Wild Bra, Lullaby Cool Racerback and Camo Boogie On Shorts.

Angel Blue Flow N Got Tank.

Here to There Dress Photos & Try On Comments

Shown with the New School Jacket

Lots of interest in the new Here to There Dress. From what I can tell they are selling very quickly in stores - they were certainly in demand in my area and I saw several people take them into the dressing room when I was in the store. I've read that the new &Go line is only in 20 stores in the US. My local stores had the dress so I was able to try it on today. I thought the fit was TTS - the top is very fitted as you can see in these photos. The material is interesting and I don't quite know how to describe it. I guess it's like a thick matte luxtreme or maybe like a lighter weight softshell so it really holds it shape.

There was an issue with the price on the dress in last night's upload - the website had it listed at $198 and it actually rang up at that price but the tag says $128.

The bottom hem is cut not sewn. The logo is very visible on the gray dress.

The dress has a very substantial zipper pull, which you need since the dress is not easy to zip into or out of. I found the zipper very grabby so I needed to contort a bit to be able to zip myself in and out. 

Lululemon's signature pocket within a pocket

I didn't think I would like the dress when I saw the first photos but it does have a flattering silhouette. As is the case with hot lululemon items, I decided to buy now and think later. A couple concerns I have with the material is whether it will pop back into shape after washing and how wrinkled it would get in a suitcase.