Monday, March 17, 2014


The upload was only a few minutes late, thank goodness, because I want to get to bed on the early side for one. Canada got this tank called the Define Tank. It's made of Warpstream. I'm dying to feel this fabric.

The Tech Mesh Tight are back in Fatigue Green. I love these.

Some new Black camo items showed up - a Cool Racerback and Pace Setter Skirt. I ordered the Cool Racerback.

Beachscape and Wunder Under pants were uploaded and are left in only two sizes as of now.

The new &Go line debuted tonight - Peplum tank and Here to There Dress. This line isn't doing much for me, thus far. Maybe it's better in person.

I ordered the Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under Crops.

Two new Bangbusters showed up on the Canadian side (grrr).

Did you get anything tonight?

Milky Way and Black Camo Wunder Under Pants, NEW Peplum Tank, and More

Wunder Under Pants have come out in the Milky Way and Black Camo prints. An ed told me all prints from now will be released in either denim luon or full on luxtreme (iplux). Also, shown are the Free to Be Wild Bra, new Flow N Go tank in Antidote, white Scoop Neck tank, and white Forme II jacket.

The lastest - Creamsicle Pop Cool racerback, Free to Be wild bra, mew Peplum Tank, and an Antidote Flow N Go tank.

More Free to Be Wild Photos - Creamsicle Pop Free to Be Wild and an Antidote/Black?

New Lullaby and Angel Blue Flow N Go tanks. 

Roll Down Boogie Shorts.

The new & Go collection - Here to there Dress and New School Jacket are shown.

Beachscape Groovy Run Shorts and a Runbeam LS (I believe the Runbeam is a re-release of old stock).

NEW Free to Be Wild Bra Color Out

Free to Be Wild Lovers - a new color combo is coming out. It looks like Antidote and maybe Tonka Stripe Black (hard to tell). (From a Texas store.)