Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Latest and Some Fit Comments

Black Daily Practice LS in Discover manifesto burnout fabric.

From Australia, Heathered Bordeaux Drama Carry and Go pants.

Bordeaux Drama Ebb to Street Tank and Wunder Under Crops, also from Australia.

Runamuck LS in White/ Angel Blue.

Elevate Tank and Free Reign Shorts.

Cadet Wee Space Scoop Neck Tank and Cadet Still Pants.

Cadet Wee Space Cool Racerback and Find Your Flow Crop. I tried the Soot Find Your Flow Crops on yesterday and really liked them. They had good coverage, flattering seaming and were comfortable. I thought they were TTS.

Find Your Flow Crop photos.

Tuck & Flow Tank with the Bring Back The Track Pant. I tried on the Tuck & Flow yesterday and found it TTS, maybe even a bit snug, especially in the chest. It's pretty short, too, but has a flattering shape to it.

Spring Forward Jacket and Chase Me II Crops. I tried on the Camo, Black, and Cadet Chase Me II crops yesterday. I really liked the camo ones. They were made of the compressive iplux (or full on luxtreme or whatever they're calling the double-layered luxtreme these days). I found them opaque. The Cadet and Black are just regular Power Luxtreme so not as compressive. The Cadet were kind of see-through, not awful, but I could tell I had on pink underwear underneath them in a bend. The black were decently opaque. All of them were a bit tight on me in the calves but I have large calves. I seriously thought about getting the camo ones since they were so compressive.

Rumor has it Beachscape Wunder Under crops are hitting stores as soon as tomorrow.