Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuck & Flow Tank in the US

The US side of the website didn't get the new Vitasea Tuck and Flow tank but stores are getting it. I really like how it looks on this girl. It's shown with the Top Speed Bra and Find Your Flow Crops.

I am a little leery of getting another Vitasea tank since my super comfy, beloved Mountain Tank did this after washing (the store took it back no questions asked - first time I ever had something damaged out):

Apparently not sewing on the bias correctly causes twisting after washing. People have seen this in the Flip Your Dog LS and Every Yogi Tees, too:

Thanks to Ms. B. for these photos.

I've talked to people with the Cadet striped Mountain Tank and Every Yogi tees and they haven't seen any twisting. From what I understand, lining up the stripes helps the shirts be sewn on the bias correctly.


Ooh, a photo of the new Cadet Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback, paired with a Transformation Wrap and Cadet Find Your Flow Crop. I'm glad I ordered this CRB. I was on the fence about it.

More Beachscape Wunder Under Pants

Beachscape Wunder Under Pants!!!!

Wow! These are super cute. I love them. I can't pull them off but I love them. Commence the store stalking! These were from the King of Prussia, PA store. Update - they're DENIM!

Beachscape Scuba and Find Your Flow Crop

Spring Forward Jacket and More

The Angel Blue Spring Forward jacket.

Lullaby Cool Racerback, Flare bra, and Angel Pace Setter Skirt

Flare Lightened Up Pullover

Cadet Bring Back the Track Pant, Free Reign Shorts, and Angel Blue Swiftly tank.

Free Reign Shorts and More

The Free Reign Shorts. I'm dying to try these one even though I though the back view on the web model looked awful. They look pretty cute on these ladies.

The Run Fast Track Short with the Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS.

More Fast Track Shorts

Really liking the Angel Blue version of the Spring Forward Jacket.

A rare photo of the new Elevate Tank.

Transformation Wrap and Find Your Flow Crop.

More Chase Me II crop photos.

The Bring Back the Track Pant. Some of these ladies make them look cute.  ;-)

Angel Blue Tracker II shorts and Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS.

Cadet Spring Forward Jacket

Flip Your Dog LS and Heathered Medium Gray Still Pants

Heathered Fatigue Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

Flare Swiftly and Angel Pace Setter Skirt.

Australian Heads Up

Bordeaux Drama Tonka Stripe Forme and Wunder Under crops.

New Groovy Run Short colors

New Runday crops in Petite Fleur. Do I want these?

Petite Fleur Speed Shorts

New jacket revealed in the Lullaby CRB photos.