Monday, March 10, 2014

Free Reign Shorts and More

Photos of the new Free Reign linerless shorts. Also shown is the Spring Forward Jacket.

More Bring Back the Track Pant photos.

Angel Blue Striped Dot Pace Setter Skirt

More of the Latest

These ladies make the Bring Back the Track pant look not so hideous.

Heathered Angel Blue Swiftly Tank and Striped Dot Pace Setter Skirt.

Cadet Chase Me II crops, Lullaby Energy Bra, Spring Forward Jacket, What Sup Hat

What Sup Hat

NEW! Free Reign Short, Fast Track Short, and More

New Free Reign Short (I believe these are linerless), Creamsicle Pop Tracker IIs, and Run Fast luxtreme shorts. The Free Reign's look interesting. I know people get Trackers or Groovy runs and then cut the liners out of them.

Cadet Blue/Lullaby Chase Me II crops. Shown with the Spring Forward Jacket.

Camo Chase Me II Crops and More

Nice photo of the new Camo Chase Me II crops.

Some good photos of thew new Spring Forward Jacket. It looks like there is a print - the stripe dot print - on this jacket.

Heathered Angel Swiftly.

NEW! Spring Forward Jacket and More

More photos of the new Bring Back the Track Pants. Just purple sticker them now.

The Black Camo Chase Me II crops have hit the stores. People are saying these run very snug.

New Spring Forward Jacket in Cadet and Black.

Angel Blue Swiftly tank and Creamsicle Pop Shake and Break shorts.

NEW! Bring Back the Track Pant

New Bring Back the Track Pant in Petite Fleur. Also shown is the Throw Me Over Scarf. On the right is the Striped Dot Pace Setter skirt in Angel Blue.

Petite Fleur Forme Jacket

Throw Me Over Scarf, What Sup Hat, Heathered Black Roll Down Wunder Under crops, and Live Natural Bra. I bought these crops last week and wore them this weekend. They are super comfy but I did have them creep down on me. I know people said they had this happen with the Roll Down luon crops but has anyone else experienced this with the Roll Down cotton crops? They are casual wear only for me so I can live with it but I think if I had a choice between Live Natural crop and the Roll Downs in the heathered Black (they both come in this color) I'd go with the Live Naturals since the waistband is snugger.