Friday, March 7, 2014

The Latest to Hit the Stores

The new Pace Setter skirts in Creamsicle Pop and Angel Blue Stripe Dot print.

More photos of the Throw Me Over scarf. I saw this in the store today. The print parts are made of luxtreme and swift. I believe the price was $58.

Also shown, 105F Singlet in Medium Gray and Wee Space Fatigue Wunder Under Crops.

Also shown is the Fatigue Camo Cool Racerback and the Heathered Black Roll Down Cotton WUCs.
People are in a mad hunt for the new What 'Sup camo hat. I know one of my local stores got it in this afternoon.

The new reversible Bordeaux Drama Wunder Under Pants.

I tried on the Fatigue Wee Space Wunder Under crops today. There is no polyester in the material and they are soft and opaque. I passed on them since I found them a bit bright and felt like a giant grasshopper in them. I am crossing my fingers for Cadet WAFS Wunder Under Crops.

New Righteous Stripe Medium Gray Tracker II shorts are in the stores. Shown with an Angel Blue Swiftly SS.