Monday, March 3, 2014

Hints About Upcoming Items - Transformation Wrap is Back and Wee Space Cool Racerback

Spotted by sharp-eyed Ms. C. - the Transformation Wrap is coming back. Note the Petite Fleur Scoop Neck tank under the white wrap.

Also spotted are Cadet Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback and Scoop Neck tanks.


Lots of goodies uploaded tonight. I ordered the Cadet Wee Are From Space Forme II jacket (I'm hoping I can replace my too-big Bruised Berry Define with this. I am also hoping this WAFS pattern has black in it so it will look extra nice with black bottoms.), the fatigue Camo Cool Racerback (not sure if I will keep but I feel I *need* to have this), the black Camo Wunder Under crops (also not sure I'll keep but they have been flying out of my local stores today so it's the only way I'll get a pair) and the Not So Petite Fleur Bangbuster.

What did you order?

(Link for upload here)

PS - I am reading if you uncheck the "email me with new product" box your order will go through. Not sure if that is the solution but you can try it.

Camo and Petite Fleur Forme Jackets

Two new Forme Jackets are coming in Camo and a tiny version of the Petite Fleur Silver Spoon.

Carry and Go Pants and More

The new Carry and Go Pants.

Black Camo Energy Bra

New colors of the Flip Your Dog LS.

Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. These look like cotton to me.

The Lullaby No Limit tank.

Black Camo Wunder Under crops have hit US stores today.

Street to Studio Crops are back.

After Asana Jacket Photos

The back of the After Asana jacket looks a bit like the old Define, with a layered, vented yoke (not sure of the correct garment construction term for this.)

I think the crops in this photo are roll down Wunder Unders. They could also be Live Natural crops.

Also shown are roll down Wunder Unders.

Also shown is the new Energy bra.

After Asana Pullover Photos

Lots of photos of the new french terry After Asana Pullover in Fatigue Green. It's paired with the Black Camo Wunder Under crops in these photos.

NEW! After Asana Pullover, Carry and Go Crops, and More

New After Asana Pullover and the black camo Wunder Under crops have hit US stores.

New Carry and Go crops are out, After Asana Jackets in Not So Petite Fleur and black. Also shown are new Bangbusters in Not So Petite Fleur.

New After Asana Jackets and Black Camo Wunder Under crops.

New Energy and Free to Be Me bra colors. I think the Energy bras are Creamsicle Pop and Lullaby. The Free to be look like Cadet hyperstripe and Angel Blue.

New shopper totes are out.

What's in the Store

After Asana Jacket in Not So Petite Fleur Print.

Very Light Flare Core Kicker Tank and Silver Spoon Floral Platoon Wunder Under Pant.

Bali Green Scuba II Jacket

I like the combo of these colors - Fatigue In The Flow Crops and Vintage Pink Tuck Me In Tank.

Forme Jacket and Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under Crops.

Medium Gray Stripe / White Nice Asana Jacket.