Friday, February 14, 2014

Om Onward Scarves and More

More Om Onward scarf photos. I was right, it is made of Boolux. I am really liking the Cadet Blue one. Also shown is a new Karma LS color and Om Onward leggings.

From Australia, roll down Bali Breeze Wunder Under crops.

Roll Down Diamond Dot and Cotton Wunder Under pants.

Nice close up of the Vintage Pink Wee Are From Space print.

New Om Onward Scarf and More

New Om Onward Scarf. It looks like it's made of the same Boolux material as the new Iconic wraps but I am not sure on that. Also shown are Pace Queen Tights and a Cadet Blue Forme Jacket.

Another sighting of the new print in a Groove waistband. It looks a lot like Tinted Canvas Print. I had to sell my Tinted Canvas Power Y because it was too big so I'd love if this came out in a Power Y.

Fatigue Green Studio Crops. I tried on the Fatigue Studio Pants last week. They are a true Army green.

Mountain Tank

Pace Queen Tight in 1/8 Cadet Blue Stripe

Vintage Pink Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Power Y and Pace Queen Tight

Post Sweat Pullover, Flow N Go Tank, and More

Moutain Tank and cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pant.

Mountain Tank with In the Flow Crops.

Post Sweat Pullover Photos.

The WAFS Vintage Pink Power Y. I thought the color would wash me out since I'm pale but it looks nice on this woman. I'll have to try it on when it hits my store.

Very Light Flare Flow N Go tank with the Roll Down Cotton Wunder Under Pants.

Vintage Pink Flow N Go tank.

 Run Righteous Tank and Pace Queen Tights.

Comparison: Tracker II Shorts to Track Attack and Groovy Runs

Size 10 Very Light Flare Rad Plaid Tracker II shorts on left, Size 12 Sea Wheeze Track Attack shorts on right. The waistband on the Tracker IIs is a bit wider. I kind of wish the Rad Plaid had solid colored piping looping accents on the rear because the clashing plaids on the back bugs my OCD when I look in the mirror. However, I'm not looking at my rear so I can put it out of my mind and live with it. ;-)

Size 12 Track Attack attacks on the bottom and Size 10 Tracker IIs on top. 

I also have a pair of size 8 Track Attack shorts (on top) to compare to the Tracker IIs. Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of size 10 Track Attacks so I can't do a straight comparison.

Waistband of the size 8 Track Attacks (left) compared to the size 10 Tracker IIs.

Size 10 Groovy Run Shorts in Pop Plaid Multi compared to size 10 Tracker IIs.  This photo is a bit deceiving and makes the Groovy Runs look like they run a lot bigger than the Tracker IIs, particularly the photo of the front sides. The shorter length and more generous leg opening of the Tracker IIs actually make the fit a bit looser, in my opinion. Both these shorts are cut for more muscular legs but where your carry your weight, will dictate which you prefer. On a nitpicky level, I prefer having the zipper pocket in the middle of my back on the Groovy Runs but I do like the more generous cut on the leg opening of the Tracker IIs.

Comparison of the leg openings on the Groovy Runs (top) and Tracker IIs (bottom).

Final comparison, size 10 Groovy Run shorts on top of Size 12 Groovy Runs.