Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's In the Stores

Fatigure Green Studio Pants with a Cadet Blue Forme Jacket and the Flare Love Some Run LS.

Vintage Pink and Bali Breeze Tuck Me Tanks with Heathered Medium Gray Gather and Crow crops. I am curious to try these on. The heathered medium gray material felt so soft and thick in the Scoop Neck store when I saw it.

New waistbands in the pants.

Gray/Flare Run Times tank. On the rack it looks like there is a Beachscape Multi tank hanging. I tried on the Run Times tank last week and really liked it. The bra is very snug but the hip part flares out nicely and is very roomy. The tank reminded me a lot of the Run For Your Life tank. If the right color combo comes - hoping for a Vintage pink version - I definitely would like one.

A couple more Tuck Me Tank photos.

Cadet Blue Cut the Crop Crops with a Black Love Some Run LS

Forthright Half Zip and Love Some Run LS photos.