Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pink Wee Space Tuck Me In Tank

Check it out - the Tuck Me In Tank comes in a Vintage Pink (I think, though it could be Zing Pink) with a Zing Pink Wee Are From Space bra. I hope that means other items are coming in the Zing Pink WAFS print, like a Power Y or maybe an Energy bra.

Love Some Run LS Photos

Fatigue Green Studio Pants Have Hit the US, and More

Yay! The Fatigue Green Studio Pants and Crops have hit US stores. I've been waiting for these to arrive.

Heathered Medium Gray Wunder Unders, shown with a Very Light Flare Cool Racerback.

Tuck Me In Tank with new Print Wunder Unders.

More photos of thew new Print Wunder Unders.

The new Reversible Wee Stripe Black/Heathered Black Wunder Under Crops. These "new" crops feel the same as the last time they were released two years ago - they are soft, stretchy, and opaque. They are on the warm side so I don't use these for cardio at the gym in the warmer months but these are one of my favorite pairs of WUCs.

After Asana Pant and Fit Review

Some photos of the new After Asana pant. I bought the Cadet Blue ones yesterday and am wearing them now - they're super comfy. I tried on the Cadet Blue and the Heathered black. The material in the Heathered Black and Heathered Gray is very similar to that used in the Calm and Cozy and Feel  pants, thick and soft. The Cadet Blue is different looking but still soft. It feels more technical than the other two colors and isn't as casual-looking as them. The price is $98.

Close Up of the Seaming in the back

Close up of the Cade Blue material

I thought these fit on the snug side. I've seen people describe the fit of these to be similar to Skinny Will pant and I'd agree with that. To get a looser fit, people are sizing up in these. 

Some comparison photos for you:

On the bottom are a pair of the newest version of Feel Good pants, in the middle are the After Asana pants, and on top are pique Skinny Will pants. This will give you an idea on how body skimming the fit is. These are all the same size (10).

NEW Tuck Me In Tank

New Mesh tank called the Tuck Me In. It looks a lot like a No Limits without the band at the bottom. I'll definitely want to check this out.