Monday, January 27, 2014


Fatigue Green Studio Pants

Zing Pink Energy bra

New Green - Bali Green
Canada got Wee Space Fatigue Green WUCs

A few cute new items were uploaded tonight. I really love the Fatigue Green Studio Pants but would like to try these on in the store. Also, a new green was unveiled - Bali Green. It looks a lot like Very Green on my computer screen. I ended up getting the Zing Pink Energy Bra tonight.

What did you order?

Zing Pink Ebb to Street Bra and More

Zing Pink Ebb to Street bra, Baroque In the Flow Crops, Mula Bundle Wrap.

The new Ebb to Street tank and In the Flow crop colors.

More Mula Bundle Wrap photos.

New Striped Baroque Blue In the Flow Crops and Ebb to Street Bra

Baroque Blue Ebb to Street Bra

New striped Baroque Blue In the Flow Crop. Also shown is the new Mula Bundle Wrap.

The new Fresh Teal and Black Striped Ebb to Street Tanks

More Mula Bundle Wrap photos. The new green is Heathered Fatigue Green.

Every Yogi Tees have hit the stores.

NEW! Green Color, Striped Ebb to Street Tank, and Mula Bundle Wrap.

New striped Ebb to Street Tank and new Mula Bundle wrap french terry jacket in a new green color. One photo called this color heathered army green but I'm not sure if that is the official name.

More photos of the Mula Bundle Wrap jacket. This will be an easy pass for me but I'm curious to know if there will be more green items coming.

NEW! Striped In the Flow Crops

New striped version of the In the Flow crops. Also shown is the 105F Singlet and Energy bra in Zing Pink.

Digni Tee Photos and More

Thanks to reader, Ms. K., for the photos of the new Digni Tees. The top is Fresh Teal Aquamarine and the bottom is Bleached Corral. They are $68 and made out of burnout material.

The Baroque Blue Healthy Heart Pullover disappeared quickly from the website and people who ordered it found out why - the collar is a different color from the body. (Thanks to Ms. B. and Ms. J. for their photos.)

Zing Pink Apex Stripe Bangbuster and matching Cool Racerback.

A couple more Race With Grace Half Zip photos.