Friday, January 10, 2014

NEW! Post Practice Cardi

New cotton wrap called the Post Practice Cardi. Comes in this orange color, black, and an oatmeal. As soon as I find other photos I will post. I've seen a few try on photos and it's super cute. The price is $138 but I've finally found something I want to spend my lulu GC on.

Lavender Apex Stripe Power Y and More

Lavender Dusk Apex Stripe Power Y and Fresh Teal Inspire Crops. Also shown is a Fresh Teal Nice Asana and Sweat Once a Day bag. Power Purple Free to Be Wild bra.

A nice close up of the double diamond Baroque Blue Scuba jacket.

Petal Pop Multi In a Flash Singlet and Bhakti Short

Om Tee (top photo) and Pop Plaid Multi Play All Day short.

Fresh Teal Sweat Once a Day gym bag

Color Comparison: Zing Pink vs. Paris Perfection, Pinkelicious, and Pink Shell

Zing Pink Astro Short waistband with a Paris Perfection CRB (left), Pinkelicious Bangbuster (middle), and Pink Shell Bangbuster (right). Zing is not close to any of those other pinks. However, Pink Shell is close to the lighter pink used in the waistband. I'm not sure what the name of that color is, maybe Afterglo?