Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baroque Blue Studio Pants and More

The Baroque Blue Studio Pants. Shown with a Lavender Dusk Forme, Double Diamond Scuba, and Petal Pop Multi CRB.

The new White/Medium Gray Wee Stripe Scuba.

The Reflectivity on the Bandit Jacket and Runday Crops.

Baroque Blue Sweat Once a Day bag.

Fresh Teal Nice Asana and Forme Jackets

Fresh Teal Studio Crops and Pop Plaid Multi Play All Day shorts. I would think this plaid will show up in other sorts like the Speeds, at least. (These items are from Australia.)

Om tee and Will Pant.

Pop Plaid Multi Play All Day Shorts

From Australia - New Pop Plaid Multi Play All Day shorts, Fresh Teal Cool Racerback, Centered Energy Bra, and Fresh Teal Bangbuster.

EU Heads Up

Thanks to the reader who pointed out the new items on the EU side of the website - new parallel stripe Still Pants (I kind of like these) and an Apex Stripe Pink Zing Scoop Neck tank (like this one, too).