Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hong Kong Hints

Four new colors of the No Limit Tank were uploaded to the Hong Kong site. I like the pink one.

New Baroque Blue Double Diamond Grovvy Run Shorts.

New Race with Grace run crops.

(Thanks to a reader for pointing out the new HK items.)

The Latest

Lavender Dusk Forme Jacket and Fresh Teal Nice Asana Jacket.

Baroque Blue Sweat Once a Day bag and BB Double Diamond Scuba.

I believe these are the Baroque Blue reversible Wunder Under crops, Flip Your Dog LS, and Free to Be Wild bra.

In a Flash Singlet and Pace Crops (Australia)

Bottom two photos - Free to Be Wild bra with the Roll Out Crops. Top photo - 105F singlet and FTB Wild.

All the Roll Out Tank and Crop photos you'll ever want to see. ;-)  I wish something would come out that I'd actually like to buy. Zzzzzz.....

In A Flash Singlet, Baroque Blue Pace Crops, and More

In Australia - Baroque Blue hyperstripe Pace crops, shown with the Roll Out tank.

Also only in Australia - a Petal Pop In a Flash tank and Fresh Teal Pace Crops. Also shown is a Paris Perfection In a Flash tank. This tank looks like a junior high home economics class project to me.

More Roll Out tank photos. Also shown are Roll Out crops in Fresh Teal.

More goodies uploaded to Australia - Baroque Blue Studio Pants, other colors of the Every Yogi (would love a baroque blue or a print in the EY), and Play All Day shorts in Pop Plaid Multi.

Canada got reversible Baroque Blue WUCs uploaded last night but it looks like there is a new vest coming and maybe a new bag. (Thanks to Ms. E. for pointing this out.)