Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEW! Wunder Under Crops *Fullux and More

New Wunder Under Crops *Fullux. I'm not sure how *Fullux is different from the Interlock WUCs but as soon as I find out I'll post. The texture looks different, unless these are a print. Shown with the 105F Singlet and Free to Be Wild Bra.

Update - Fullux is just a rename of interlock luxtreme. These are a photo of Inkwell Fullux WUCs. I may have to get a pair of those.

New Fresh Teal Nice Asana with hyperstripe piping.

New Straight Up Stripe Power Y.

Fresh Teal Forme Jacket, shown with Fresh Teal Groovy Run shorts.

Fresh Teal Cool Racerback with the Petal Pop Multi Speed Shorts.

Baroque Blue Apex Stripe Cool Racerback

Baroque Blue Bandit Jacket

More Flip Your Dog LS photos.

Track Tee and In a Flash Shorts

The latest Vinyasa.

Wee Stripe Vinyasa and More

A new Wee Stripe Vinyasa has hit the stores.

More Bandit Jacket photos.

Wee Stripe White Flip Your Dog LS.

Track Tee, In a Flash Short, and In a Flash bra.

Weightless Crew and Bandit Track Pant

Happy Yin Year Sweatpant details.

 Hot yoga items - Bhati Shorts, crops, 105F Singlet, and In a Flash bra

Brisk Bloom Power Y and Reverse Groove Shorts.

For the guys - new luxtreme Pace Breaker Shorts and new Core Short Reflect

No new items in the photos today. I have not seen anything I want to spend my lulu gift card on yet.