Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Track Tee, Free to Be Wild Bra, and More

The Track Tee with Bhakti Crops and In a Flash Shorts.

Flip Your Dog LS

The Bandit Jacket.

Fresh Teal Forme Jacket, 105F Singlet and Free to Be Wild Bra.

Happy New Year and More of What is in the Stores

Also shown: Track Tee, Bandit Track Pant, Speed Short, Push UR Limits
All three Bandit Track Jackets - the black, Baroque Blue, and Petal Pop Multi.

Flip Your Dog LS and Free to Be Wild bra. I cannot wait to get the bra I ordered.

Om Tee and Happy Yin Year Sweatpant

Track Tee and In a Flash Shorts, also shown with the Bandit Track Pant.

Fresh Teal Flip Your Dog LS, shown with a Free to Be bra.

In Australia - new Tame Me Tanks and a straight up stripe Practice Daily Tank.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope we all have a healthy 2014 and we keep and meet all our New Year's Resolutions and goals. I forgot to post this yesterday, but thank you all so much for reading my blog. It's fun to share my 'hobby' with so many of you. The community built up around this brand is very special - it's led me to make many new friends and inspired me to take up running, which if you knew how much I hated running as a kid is a miracle in itself - so I am grateful and appreciate all of you and your input - thank you!