Monday, November 10, 2014

Open Your Heart LS II and More

lululemon open your heart ls

lululemon open your heart ls ii
Open Your Heart LS, $68.

lululemon cardigan and again

lululemoncardigan and again,
lululemon nightfall diamond jacquard wunder-under-roll-downs
Cardigan and Again, Find Your Zen Tank, Nightfall Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Pant.

lululemon find your zen tank
Find Your Zen tank. That seam down the middle really bugs me.

lululemon nightfall diamond jacquard wunder under roll downs
Fuel Green Coco Pique, Nightfall Diamond Jacquard Space Dye, and Inkwell Prisma Roll Down Wunder Pants.
 lululemon blissed out gloves, hat, scarf

 lululemon blissed out gloves, hat, scarf

 lululemon blissed out gloves, hat, scarf
Blissed Out hat, gloves, and scarf.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking the new OYHLS and I loved the one's from last year of which I have two. I like the elastic waistband which gives it a dressed up sweatshirt look to it. I'll be eyeing up the zinfandel if that is what the purple above is. That is the one color from last year that I really wanted but wasn't able to get. I have inkwell/surge and black/heathered black. Scored both on markdown.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Open Your Heart LS but I've never owned one. Are they plush and comfy or sort of like a regular T-shirt? If it's beautiful, I can justify the price.

Anonymous said...

@6:11 am - the OYHLS are quite nice! I have two of them and they are thick and warm, wash up well and are flattering in their cut. They are definitely thicker than a t shirt but I don't know what technical term LLL uses for the material. I think they are synthetic with some cotton and maybe wool woven in.

Anonymous said...

@2:11 Thank you! I'm a scuba girl and have never owned any other sweater or top (other than jackets). While I can justify the price of the scubas since I wear them so often, I'm not sure if I can justify a shirt that I wear only once in a while. Do they often come up on WMTM? If so, I might look for it there.

Anonymous said...

The swiftly in the pictures (mint color) is heathered menthol. My store had it in today. Color code was HMENT.