Monday, November 3, 2014

NEW! Think Fast Pullover and More

lululemon think fast pullover herringbone

lululemon think fast pullover crop

lululemon herringbone think fast pullover
New Herringbone Think Fast Pullover, $98. Also shown is a new run crop in Deepest Cranberry (I think. Though, it could be Atomic Red). It also comes in Heathered Slate, Inkwell Stripe, and Deepest Cranberry/Boom Juice stripe. I'm dying to know the color of the Energy bra she is wearing in the top photo. That looks new to me, too. The herringbone pullover tempts me but I have a herringbone Full Tilt Pullover from a couple of years ago. 

lululemon boom juice think fast

lululemon boom juice think fast pullover

lululemon think fast pullover stripe

lululemon think fast pullover pink stripe

lululemon rad red pullover

lululemon think fast pullover boom juice

lululemon think fast pullover boom juice stripe

lululemon think fast pullover ear warmer

lululemon think fast turn around tight

lululemon think fast pullover boom juice red

lululemon black speed tight
The Deepest Cranberry/Atomic Red stripe Think Fast Pullover. Also shown are Herringbone Turn Around Tights and black Speed Tights.

lululemon slate think fast pullover
Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover. 

lululemon all sport bra
Photo of the herringbone/chevron patterned All Sport bra we saw hinted at a couple of weeks ago. 

lululemon pigment blue swiftly ls


Anonymous said...

LLA - do you know the difference in colors between the "deepest cranberry" and the bumble berry WUC? They read very similar in colors on my monitor, but I am wondering if the "deepest cranberry" is more red IRL?

Anonymous said...

The Think Fast Pullover looks a little smallish to me...has anyone tried one on?

Anonymous said...

Pigment Blue - you just made my day!Hope pigment blue tanks are released.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:05 pm - I've seen them side by side and they're very, very close. Bumble Berry is a little darker, Cranberry is a little more red, slightly less blue than Bumble Berry.

Evan Park said...

Anonymous 6:32PM, I just returned from the Lulu store with a Think Fast Pullover....I sized up. I could have easily worn my usual size and I spent quite a bit of time trying to choose between the 2 sizes, but went with the size up for comfort and so that it didn't look quite so pasted on.

Evan Park said...

I have to say I'm completely confused by the colors I'm seeing on the monitor -- my Thinkfast Pullover in real life looks like Cranberry with lighter red stripes, but on all these pics and especially on Britt's Picks, the color looks pink!