Monday, November 3, 2014

More Think Fast Pullover Photos

lululemon think fast pullover

lululemon think fast pullover herringbone

Photos of the Heathered Slate, Herringbone, and Boom Juice/Cranberry Think Fast Pullovers ($98).

lululemon think fast pullover herringbone
lululemon black grape speed tight think fast pullover

Herringbone Think Fast Pullover and Black Grape Speed Tight.

lululemon ear warmer

lululemon think fast pullover cranberry

lululemon think fast pullover turn around tight

lululemon think fast pullover back view

lululemon think fast pullover boom juice stripe

lululemon think fast pullover boom juice pink

lululemon think fast pullover stripe

lululemon think fast pullover speed tight
More of the Boom Juice/Deep Cranberry Think Fast Pullover.

lululemon slate think fast pullover
Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover and Flaming Tomato Space Dye Wunder Under Crops.


shirley said...

The Cranberry / Boom Juice TF Pullover - love the bright color! Definitely ordering when it uploads (which I assume will be this Tuesday).

Anonymous said...

Love the colour but 100 for a top is getting to be a bit much

Anonymous said...

I like the heathered grey Think Fast. I cannot justify the herringbone one at all, it looks very similar to my Base Runner Half zip from last year. If I end up buying the TF in the grey, am I ever glad that I returned the Race Your Pace half zip - such a piece of crap.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:08 pm - the Race Your Pace Half zip was a major disappointment. I tried on the coco pique version last week and the arms were super scratchy. Meanwhile, the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS is a dream. So far, it's one of my favorite purchases this year.

Anonymous said...

i may re-order the RYP long-sleeved version. i just can't with $98 for a top! and i love the pink and wish it were solid instead of striped. that plays into my feelings a bit too.

Anonymous said...

love the pullovers too bad its too late for me as i've broken the spell w/ lulu i no longer am an addict but now a person who sees it for what it is: great workout wear but i don't need any more unless its a fabulous color something new i don't have etc. I am done buying buying buying ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the Cranberry/Boom Juice stripe Think Fast Pullover a lot, and am hoping to order it later on today. I also kind of like the Black Herringbone Think Fast Pullover, but am undecided on it yet, I know I don't need another pullover, especially at $98 each, but I do kind of like it, but at the same time think it looks kind of Grandpa sweaterish in a way, hmmm, what to do....

Anon at 7:44 AM - I think I'm stuck in that spell you speak of! The thing is how many pullovers, etc does a person really need or when does it ever end?! My biggest obsessions are the Swiftly tops and have far far too many but always want the next new colour that catches my eye! I definitely have a few different Lulu pieces that I'm addicted to and know that I have way more than enough of each piece, but feel like I just have to have the next new colour anytime one catches my eye! And I don't want to part with any of my others to justify the new! I need to work on this! Maybe narrow it down to actually really really loving a colour and feeling like it's something I can't live without, most of the time right now I buy it just because I like it! I need to absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

great comments, I agree that 100 bucks for a pullover, especially when you want multiple versions of that pullover, get to be insane. I'm trying to reign it in myself and I thought we'd see an big uptick in quality and extra refinements, but I'm still not seeing things 100%. Still sheerness issues with tights and yes, I bought the Race your Pace pullover and shipped that puppy right back. enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I have the pullover, and I have to say I don't mind paying $100. It's my first one, but also it has lots of nice details I really like. It has a huge side pocket that should hold a big phone, reflective details, build-in hand warmers with silly phrase, an adjustable neckline, and great fabric and color! I love mine.