Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winter Sneak Peek Video Screencaps

lululemon winter line
A new sneak peek video of the winter line was uploaded to YouTube. Here are some screen caps.

lululemon swiftly ls zig zag

lululemon swiftly ls

lululemon swiftly tight

lululemon swiftly ls

The initial scene opens with a new patterned Swiftly and run tights. I would think these might be tech fleece but they could be brushed luxtreme. Update - a reader thinks the top could be merino wool. She could be right, the bottom hem is not consistent with swiftly tops.

lululemon run tight

lululemon vest 3

lululemon vest
 Showing a new vest and pullover underneath. I am hoping that pullover is luxtreme.

lululemon fleece
I think this is a new top. I am thinking rulu but maybe something thicker.

lululemon run jacket tight

lululemon run jacket

lululemon run jacket
New run jacket. The pattern on the arm matches the mosaic/stained glass pattern we've seen in the new Free to Be bra:

lululemon free to be bra

lululemon unitard 2

lululemon unitard
The Free to Bra print that is already in the stores. It looked like these were paired with Bumble Berry Wunder Under Pants in the video. Also showing a new unitard.


Anonymous said...

Is that a swiftly? It looks like one of the new layering pieces on Britt's Picks! I'm hoping the turn around long sleeve will come back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the look of that swiftly and the vest the most. Will want to get the Swiftly for sure. Maybe the other top if I see more detail and if it's rulu. Everything looks great. There will be criticism that it's all black and grey, but I like it. The only thing that looks odd is those cut off puffy mittens with no cap to put back on the fingers.

Anonymous said...

I think that pullover will at least have Luxtreme in it. The shoulders are ribbed Luxtreme. Have Bumble Berry WUCs so don't need WUPs. Just layering leg warmers over my crops for the chilly season. Bummer more color wasn't showcased. We can assume black will be part of the collection. Would have been nice to see some surprise pops of color.

Anonymous said...

I like all of these items. The mittens are kind of funny.


Anonymous said...

What's with those mittens? They're ski-weight, but NO finger covers. What in the world?

MB said...

Man, when is LL going to stop showing poor yoga form in videos and pictures? That cervical spine hyperextension in updog--- such a classic no-no.

Anonymous said...

The top in the first few pics looks like it's made of merino wool.

LuluAddict said...

@anon 2:53 am - you could be right. Looking at the screencaps closer the hem at the bottom of the shirt looks different than normal swiftlys.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I do not get those puffer mittens...I can't believe something is actually worse than the puffer dickie haha

Anonymous said...

Good eye 2:53. I would love it if the top is merino wool. I love the pattern. I won't love the price, but merino anything is expensive, e.g. Icebreaker. Though would be fair to say Icebreaker is an expert on merino and I trust the quality more than I do LLL.

Katherine said...

Anyone know where I can get a Fluffin Awesome vest in black? Idk how I missed them being uploaded unless they were only release to stores. Anyway, I saw one in inkwell in store and am dying to get my hands on a black one if possible.. They are out of stock in the entire state :( Please help!! Thanks you :)