Monday, October 20, 2014

The Bust a Move Jacket is Back

lululemon plush petal bust a move jacket

lululemon plush petal bust a move jacket turn-around-tight

lululemon bust-a-move-jacket plush petal

lululemon plush petal bust-a-move-jacket

lululemon plush petal bust a move jacket

The Bust a Move Jacket is back. Last time it was out it was presented as part of the Bike Commuter line. This time I think the prints/colors are better but I'm still not a big fan. I wasn't under the impression this jacket sold that well that it deserved a come back.

lululemon black bust a move jacket varsity-plaid-wunder-under-pant
Shown with Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant

luluelmon herringbone turn around tight

lululemon white herringbone turn around tight
Shown with the Fuel Green Swiftly

lululemon black bust a move jacket

lululemon herringbone turn-around-tight bust-a-move-jacket
Shown with white Herringbone Turn Around Tights

lululemon black bust-a-move-jacket

lululemon black-bust-a-move-jacket bumble berry wunder under pant
Lululemon Bumble Berry Wunder Under Pant

lululemon varsity-plaid-wunder-under-pant
Shown with Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pants

lululemon bust-a-move-jacket
Also shown are Turn Around Tight and Grape and Toothpaste Swiftlys
Bust a Move Jacket in Black. Shown with the White Herringbone and Rugged Blue Turn Around Tights.


Anonymous said...

I got the bust a move last year and black and I must say it my favorite lulu jacket!!

Unknown said...

Bust A Move Jacket actually sold out online pretty fast last time around that I was angeling a few when I did see them in my stores. In store, it went pretty quickly too, or it was online return, I don't remember, but it was a rare sighting that's for sure. I agree, like that this round is in patterns, but it's a slender fitted cut and doesn't bode well for those of us with more fuller figures with waist issues. Easy pass for me. It was a size up last time for most people b/c of that cinched waist.

Anonymous said...

Herringbone turnaround = long underwear

Anonymous said...

toothpaste = opal = aquamarine = mint moment = menthol? They all look the same to me at this point. Wish we're getting a CRB in a rich stunning shade that will set off nicely against the dark herringbones or coco piques.

Jessica said...

LOVE this jacket. I wear it every day and it's so diverse. (Wish they didn't bring it back so it would continue to be so unique!)

Anonymous said...

The Bust a Move Jacket is awful. To each their own but it is awful.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why the Bust A Move Jacket is back either. Agreed, it sold out quickly online however I saw a ton at my local stores in Southern California for many weeks.

I purchased it during the online upload hoping for a waist defining flattering fit, but the multiple layers and cheap/thin fabric made the jacket a huge letdown. If I recall correctly it retailed for $178, way too much.

Anonymous said...

don't know what you all see in that bust a move jacket i think it is a big: FUG..... wouldn't be caught dead in that thing..... :)

LuluAddict said...

Totally agree. I never thought the Bust a Move was all that, and especially not for $178 plus tax.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the jacket either, it has a cheesy early madona look to it. I also don't get the FTBW bra, all those straps would annoy me.


Anonymous said...

-This is the first time I see the Varsity Plaid WUP with the plaid lining up equally on both legs (on the blond model), although I like it that the lines line up around the legs too, for a change. But I saw too many twisted lines in photos for me to consider this WUP. I can't imagine lining up my plaid at 6:00 in the morning to go to the gym, although I imagine this will not bother peeps who buy it.
-The bust a move jacket is a total bust for me. It looks too short and too cutesy and wrinkled in the back.
-It is a mistake to use that ligh-coloured herringbone fabric for tights. It flatters no one.