Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spotted in US Stores - Weekend LS

lululemon weekend ls

lululemon weekend ls

Ms. G. provides us with a nice photo of the new Weekend LS. This was from a US lululemon store. She said it fits similar to the Yogini 5 Yr but is thicker.

lululemon weekend ls laser cut wup
Weekend LS with Laser Cut Wunder Under Pant.


Unknown said...

Free to be wild bras have hit some calgary stores!

Jackie said...

@sam j- i hope the free to be wild bras hit US stores too!

Anonymous said...

I went to my local store (US) but they didn't have FTBW bras yet. They had the here to there dress discounted (down to $128) so I grabbed one. :)

Anonymous said...

OT: anyone know if the Dark grey/heather black 1/2 zip the character Olivia wears at the beginning of Episode 3 of the tv show Scandal, aired 10/2/2014, is Lulu? Sure looks like it... maybe herringbone, eek!