Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rocky Road Pace Setter Skirt, Heart Opener Scarves, Happy Yogi Hand Warmer, and More

lululemon heathered slate forme jacket

lululemon heathered slate forme jacket
Rats! The new Forme is not herringbone or coco pique. It looks either Heathered Slate or Deep Coal to me. Also shown in the top photo is a Rocky Road Pace Setter skirt.

lululemon bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf
Bundle Up Scarf

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf berry yum yum
The new Heart Opener and Bundle Up Scarves. Shown with the Wrap It Up Sweater and Bhakti Yoga Jacket.

lululemon coco pique vinyasa scarf
Coco Pique Vinyasa

lululemon happy yogi hand warmer

lululemon happy yogi hand warmer

lululemon happy-yogi-hand-warmer twisted-bliss-ear-warmer bundle-up-scarf
New Happy Yogi Hand Warmer. Also shown in the bottom photo is the Wrap It Up sweater, Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer, and Bundle Up Scarf.

lululemon twisteed bliss ear warmer

lululemon twisted bliss ear warmer fuel
Twisted Bliss Ear Warmers

lululemon black grape speed tight
Black Grape Speed Tights

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon black anytime dress
Anytime Dress

lululemon love tee tech mesh tight

lululemon love tees
Love Tees


Deezee007 said...

LLA- do you know if the Coco Pique Vinyasa has hit the So Cal stores yet? I missed it on the upload :(

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the new wrap it up sweater... Now hoping it's not $100...

carrie said...

i was just at sacramento arden fair store and they had bunches of coco pique vinyasas.

p.s. for all the gals who gave me advice on pants to wear during pregnancy a few weeks ago - thanks so much again! im rockin my roll down wunder unders today at work and have also been wearing lots of skinny wills and astros. (i have discovered that people are very lax about the dress code when you are pregnant too - an added bonus!)

p.p.s. after my constant hounding, my store fixed the sales tax issue with exchanges! woohoo! i have officially done my good deed for the year. lol.

Anonymous said...

Saw the new the new Forme in store today and I'm fairly certain it is Heathered Slate (agree that it is definitely not coco pique or herringbone). My store had the pique vinyasa, which they did not have in last week. They also received the FTBW bra and posted it on facebook yesterday, which I completed missed. When I got to the store today just after lunch, they were down to the rocky road version in a few size 4s and one 10. I usually wear an 8 in FTB, but some colors run smaller so I can sometimes wear a 10. I tried the FTBW in 10 and it fit pretty well. A little loose around the band, but I'd rather have that then the band cutting into me.

Jessie said...

FTBW is up on the upload for the US!!!! Go get 'em gals!

Anonymous said...

@ carrie 2:41 PM, great the clothes are working for you.

And way to go keeping on that issue, causing them to finally fix it! You should not have had to hound them.

Anonymous said...

What's the tax issue? I've noticed on some exchanges that the stores haven't credited me back my tax! It really stinks

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:06PM The good news is the Wrap It Up sweater isn't $100....the bad news is that it's $168....#Lulu-ouch!

carrie said...

@anon 10:14 - yes that is the issue. many stores don't credit your tax back when doing exchanges. i bugged my store about it for weeks and reported it multiple times to GEC (who was not helpful at all), and it was finally fixed.

Sky Risher said...

thx for more pics of anytime dress as I am truly contemplating it, but didn't know if i had the body type for it (somewhat slim and small chested. alot of photos have just been of size 2's with DD's. They look fab, but pics in this posting show what women of various body types still look fab in it. :) think it looks very versatile and fab with boots and price not > $$$ for vitasea...whew!

Sky Risher said...

After yoga yesteday, as on-line selling out and bogged down, when in local El Segundo, CA store around 6:15pm and snagged only size 8 FTBW bra in stripe w/rocky road straps. They didn't get grape w/ berry straps, but told me gals calling all day long for it. Other than that only 6's and 4's and also in the rocky road w/toothpaste straps...6 just a little to snug in this for me. I have a camo 8 from the spring that's perfect fit too. They also had a couple coco pique vinyasa's and also the heather grey power y bra...which is incredibly soft and yummy...must have.

Amber Woods said...

Where is the wrap it up being sold? I can't find it on the US site

Anonymous said...

@ Carrie. So glad I'm not the only one to realize this tax issue. Too bad I only recently noticed. I've made so many exchanges Over the yrs not realizing I didn't get credited tax! Did GEC sound surprised to learn of this? They need to fix or class action lawsuit is in their future