Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reflective Gear Profiled in Orchard Street Runner Video

lululemon reflective run skirt  in a flash ls

Lululemon features a video on their blog page about an NYC night running group called the Orchard Street Runners. The video features all the new reflective run gear we're going to see in today's upload.

lululemon reflective run skirt
A new reflective skirt is shown.

lululemon run crop

lululemon run crop

lululemon run crop

lululemon in the flash ls
Also shown are crops with a reflective pattern up the calf. These look like a heathered print, though I swear they look a lot like Ebb to Street Pants. Also shown is the In a Flash LS. Early try on reports say this new LS is really nice. (Made of rulu, $98.)


Anonymous said...

Aww running in NYC. Love. the reflective gear is really cool and will keep you from getting run over by angry cabies.


LuluAddict said...

Lol M.

Unknown said...

I love all the new reflective gear. Love that sweatshirt with the mile high and the stripes on them, but most likely will be too hot for our climate, even for evening walks. I'm loving that lulu is coming out with so much reflective gear. Hope they do this every year.

Anonymous said...

i'm probably going to cave and order the shorts or skirt. i really do wish they'd come out with a vest. with my current schedule, i'm going to have to start running in the evenings and it gets dark so early now. i don't love running in the evenings, but it's better than nothing.

do you predict this gear will go quickly tonight?

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of all the reflective gear, but wish that it would start coming out in colors other than black and gray. It's dark enough when I set out for my AM runs this time of year - I don't need to add to the dark mood with dark clothes.