Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Out of this World LS, Out of this World Dress, and More

lululemon out of this world ls rugged-blue-turn-around-tigh
New Out of this World LS and Rugged Blue Turn Around Tight. The price is a hard to swallow $108. The material is thick swim material and ribbed luxtreme on top. (Thanks to Ms. A. for details.)

lululemon out of this world dress

lululemon out of this world dress black

lululemon out of this world dress
Out of this World Dress. The price is $128. I am reading it's a figure hugging TTS.

lululemon bust a move jacket petal

luluelmon bust a move jacket plush

lululemon bust a move jacket plush petal

lululemon bust a move jacket black
More Bust a Move Jacket photos. The price is $178.

lululemon hop to it crop black
Black/Heathered Black Hop to It Crops and Almost Pear Swiftly tank.

lululemon rugged blue turn around tight
Another photo of the Rugged Blue Turn Around Tights.

lululemon fuel green swiftly
Fuel Green Swiftly and White Herringbone Turn Around Tights.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the fit of the herringbone turn around tights? Or can share any fit comments you've seen? TIA!

Deezee007 said...

$128 for the Out of this World Dress???? Guh, tripp'n!!! All they did was add sleeves.
Damn you lulu!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got my herringbone turn around tights in the mail and I am anxious to hear what other people think of them. They do not feel like rulu. My herringbone WUP are much softer and thicker (this years version). They are not compressive at all, perhaps I need to size down. I also think that the vertical seam that runs down the leg would bother me. I can feel notice it when I bend my knee. I wasn't expecting them to be slimming in such a light color and they are not. Honestly, they are no where near as comfy as my herringbone WUP. I LOVE wearing those for a run although it has only been cool enough twice so far for that. I even think my cotton roll down WU are softer. They only other rulu bottoms I have are a pair of dog runners pants from a few years ago. I live in MN and run through the winter and it can get cold. I have cozy speed tight but I was hoping for one more pair of good warm tights. I have also tried UA heat gear (not warm at all, IMO)

Chezhire71 said...

While I love herringbone, those white Turn Around Tights in white herringbone look like pajama pants to me.

Anonymous said...

LOL anon@1:33 PM, I'd say it can get cold in the winter in MN! (I used to live there too, and ran through the winters as well.) The warmest tights I've found (WAY warmer than anything LLL sells) are Athleta's Polartec tights. I can wear these as a single layer down to about 0F, and sometimes colder if it's not too windy. They're nowhere near as cute as lulu gear, though.

Unknown said...

I picked up the herringbone tights today -- they're really cute, and adequately soft. I don't usually like tight-ankle pants, but the herringbone fabric won me over. I found my usual size to be a little snug so I therefore sized up.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the turn around tights in the herringbone and the blue. both in a size 4 and 6. herringbone fit great in the size 4, but the color was boring. LOVED the look and feel of the blue, BUT the size 4 was messed up. the waist band was made with the non-elastic thread, and it would not stretch over my thighs! the size 6 did not have this malfunction but they were too big.
Anyone else have this problem in the size 4 blue?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the white herringbone pants look like pajama pants or long johns. Wearing in public = not cool.

Anonymous said...

Same non stretchy waist in the blue vs. fitting normally in the herringbone. I could still wear the blue, but they were more challenging to get over my hips.