Monday, October 20, 2014

Out of this World Dress, Rugged Blue Turn Around Tights, and More

lululemon out of this world dress

lululemon out of this world dress
New Out of this World Dress. I like this a lot.

lululemon run times tank turn around tight

lululemon turn around tight

lululemon herringbone turn around tights

lululemon turn around tights herringbone

lululemon herringbone turn-around-tights
Rugged Blue rulu and Herringbone Turn Around Tights. Shown with a Run Times Tank and Sashico Spring Forward Jacket. I hope a plain black Turn Around Tight comes out. These light colors are tough to pull off.

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant
Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pants

lululemon bumble berry pique wunder under pant love tee

lululemon bumble berry pique wunder under pant
Bumble Berry Pique Wunder Under Pants and Love Tee.


Mirren the Epic said...

I tried the turn arounds today and actually didn't really have a problem. The blue were better than the lighter herringbone or whatever that pattern is. I almost got a pair.

Unknown said...

I got a chance to run in to Lulu tonight and they had many of the new items shown here, I tried on the Out of this world dress, it's extremely well made and super compressive. I tried on the 10 but no option to size up as no 12 was available. I liked the top half very much but I have to much going on in the butt and thigh area for this size in this dress, it's very unforgiving due to it's compressive nature. I also tried on the varsity plaid wunder unders they have a white backing so tend to wash out the print even sizing up..definitely too big of a print for my liking and hard to get the lines all right in any size. Instead I bought the varsity plaid in the scuba hoodie and love it!
I also tried on the bust a move jacket and just found it odd,,my true to size 10 hit in an odd place at my waist and the size 12 was sloppy all over, too big in the shoulders and just not right anywhere is made out of thick compressive material as well.

Anonymous said...

White herringbone looks nice in a shirt, not so much in a pant, even if you can pull it off.

LFrich said...

Oh heavens ... I love that out of this world dress, but if I know lulu ... it is going to be almost $100 (or more) and I can't justify spending that much on a simple black dress when I can go to Express/Nordstrom/Macy's and get something similar for cheaper. Sigh ... they are really making up for this summer's lack of awesome items because they are killing it this fall with these new releases!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree w/ those large check tights, white backing..... shows thru, big deal breaker, i think i know whats going on w/ lulu: its the same since they went so big the quality is way way down, back in the day before off shoring to china when they were small and manufacturing was in vancouver quality was top notch. Still the product is better than anything else out there mind you but just know the quality isn't what it once was.

VR said...

What is the dark short sleeve top she is wearing with the varisty plaid WU's? Is that a switly?

LuluAddict said...

@VR - I am not sure. I don't think it's a Swiftly, though.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the OOTW dress today and it's priced at $128. I would say it fits a bit loose (kind of like the Refresher Racer dress) around the waist and hips but it's probably TTS (seems the smallest size is 4 and I always wear 2 bottoms, 23 waist and 32 hip for reference). It was compressive up top and loose on the bottom for me. Very cute style!

Anonymous said...

The OOTW dress is super cute. I like dresses with sleeves and a higher neckline. The length is right on. The price too seems reasonable, considering previous creations. I hope it will come in other colours, black is difficult for me to wear with my pale complexion.