Monday, October 6, 2014

Osaka Stripe Race Your Pace LS, Laser Cut 105F Singlet, and More

lululemon osaka-stripe-race-your-race-ls-berry yum yum in-the-flow-crops
Shown with Berry Yum Yum In the Flow Crop

lululemon osaka-stripe-race-your-pace ls
Shown with Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops

lululemon osaka-stripe-race-your-pace-ls
Shown with Black Grape Track to Reality Pants

The Black Grape Osaka Stripe Race Your Pace LS. Shown with new Berry Yum Yum purple In the Flow Crops, Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops, and Black Grape Track to Reality pants.

laser cut 105F singlet lululemon

lululemon 105F singlet laser cut

lululemon-laser-cut-105F-singlet tracker ii short

lululemon berry yum yum in-the-flow-crop
The new 105F laser cut 105F Singlet.

white lululemon fleecy keen jacket

fleecy keen white jacket

lululemon white fleecy keen jacket

lululemon fleecy keen fuel green

lululemon fuel green fleecy keen

lululemon fleecy-keen jacket

lululemon coco pique ls

lululemon-fleecy-keen fuel green


fuel green fleecy keen jacket

black lululemon fleecy keen jacket
Photos of the Black, White, and Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jackets.

lululemon en route crops
The En Route Crops are back.


Anonymous said...

Just got the osaka stripe RYPL and purple fog radiant LS from our local store yesterday. Love both color and looking of Osaka and radiant LS, but it's kinda thin for that price. Also tried Coco pique just to compare and didn't notice any difference according to thickness. Not sure if I'll return them, our winter is bad and cold, I'm afraid they won't be useful enough.

Unknown said...

Any chance we"ll see black grape this week?

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket! The green is so pretty.

carrie said...

this jacket looks kind of oddly short in these pictures... has anyone tried it on?

i also wonder if the sleeves are longer this year? i loved it last year but the thumb holes weren't really usable because the sleeves were short. i remember several people brought the short sleeves up in the reviews, so hopefully they fixed it this year. they don't look short in these pictures, so here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

Does the Fleecy Keen jacket have that quilted material on the inside of the sleeves so that shirt arms dont get stuck when putting it on? That would be GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on the cost of the laser cut 105 singlet? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gah! Don't know whether to splurge on the fleecy keen or wait it out for the fluff off stuff (that will hopefully be coming soon!)

Anonymous said...

Is the all sports bra that is shown a new color? (toothpaste).
I am also looking forward to seeing the black grape color in person.


Anonymous said...

Ugh why do they do that weird puckering in the back for so many of their jackets? Looks like fat guy in a little coat!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the laser cut 105, it was $58. I loooove it. I also tried the fuel green Fleecy Keen, it was really, really nice. Perfect for fall walks, but not worth $198 IMO.