Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Print Hint

lululemon ravi tee all sport bra

lululemon ravi tee all sport bra back

lululemon ravi tee all sport bra
It looks like there is a new chevron herringbone-looking print coming (thanks to Ms. M. for the head's up). It looks like this is an All Sport Bra. Lululemon always does a black and white print for the holidays. I wonder whether this is it.  Though, this seems more of a pattern than a print.


Anonymous said...

I know off topic but is toothpaste the same as opal?

Anonymous said...

Cute print but perhaps in smaller dosage like a bra and speed shorts rather than e.g. a scuba.

Saw that the refresher tank comes in osaka print, I guess this means it will not come in the crb? That's just too bad. Hope this doesn't happen to flaming tomato too.

Anonymous said...

I hope they make it in the Energy Bra! All-Sport bra is soooo restricting!

Anonymous said...

I won't call them the same, but similar. Opal is more minty green, but toothpaste has that very light sky blue hint in it, more like a light blue-ish with the light green IMO.

carrie said...

hi ladies,
my sister has a savasana wrap that she is not going to keep. its the recent release black with blue ombre on the inside. size 6, new with tags. i remember a lot of people here wanting it and being unable to get it online, so let me know if you are interested! it was $118 plus tax and shipping. i have it and can ship right away (im in CA).

Anonymous said...

I like the new pattern, and I am really liking my all sports bras for running and high impact workouts.


Deezee007 said...

Love that pattern.

I have one Lulu bra and it is an all sports bra. I use it for running mainly.

Anonymous said...

Anything herringbone is usually pretty. Hopefully this bra doesn't crash the system like the FTBW purchases did, lol.

Although there seemed to be whatever else going on there re: account info. not filled in.