Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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lululemon free to be wild bra varsity plaid wunder-under-pants
SoCal awesomeness from the Santa Monica lululemon store - Free to Be Wild Bra and Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant.

Lululemon bust a move jacket
Shown with the Bust a Move Jacket

lululemon free to be wild bra wunder under pant

lululemon purple fog swftly ls everything-she-wants-vest
Shown with the Purple Fog Swiftly LS and Everything She Wants Vest

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pants
Out of this World LS and Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant.
More Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant combos.

lululemon going grape swiftly ls

lululemon going grape swiftly ls

lululemon fuel green swiftly ls

lululemon fuel green swiftly ss
Going Grape and Fuel Green Swiftly tops.

lululemon black grape wunder unders

lululemon plush petal bust a move jacket

lululemon rocky road forme

lululemon rocky road forme
The Black Grape Wunder Under Pants with a Bust a Move Jacket and Rocky Road Forme Jacket.

lululemon race your pace half zip
Black Grape Race Your Pace Half Zip and Rocky Road Hop to It Crops

lululemon turn around tight

lululemon rugged blue turn around tight
Turn Around Tights

lululemon toothpaste power y

lululemon run times tank
Toothpaste Power Y and Run Times Tank with the Herringbone Turn Around Tights


Anonymous said...

Help! Please!

I'm interested in buying a pair of Astros on WMTM. Reviews are horrible in regards to sheerness. I'm expecting and really want something cozy for the end of my pg.

Does anyone have a recent pair of Astros that are NOT SHEER? If so, which waistband color did you get. Since that will be covered, I could care less about the color.

I appreciate your help and tips!

Anonymous said...

I kind of want to work at a lulu store just so I can model the clothes in fun places.

Anonymous said...

Love the going grape LS swiftly. I picked it up at the store the other day, and trust me, it is much better in person. I have brown hair and eyes with medium/light skin and this is the perfect shade of purple for me. LOVE!

Wow lots of cool things added to WMTM this morning. Lucky size 10 girls got a lot of cool pants - like rustberry pique WUPs!

I picked up an antidote CRB. One of those colors that I always had on my mind but didn't want to pay full price for.

Anonymous said...

Apparently missed out on a Beachscape CRB on WMTM... been wanting one for MONTHS. :(

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:32 am - ooh! Is it obviously purple? It doesn't look very purple on the website.

I saw all the WMTM. I've been going a little nuts with the warehouse sale and WMTM. I ordered the white striped Awesoma and a pair of Black Runday crops from WMTM laste. The Awesoma has become my favorite around the house top. I think it looks particularly nice with a Bound Bra underneath.

Jiji said...

The beach picture is beautiful! I'm waiting for my LS Swiftly in going grape to be delivered soon.

Anonymous said...

I missed out on a lot of the WMTM but I still see a few things that I would get, but I made 3 orders this week so I need to hide my wallet.


Anonymous said...

well crud...I must have just missed the additions to WMTM. I ordered breathe easy pants this morning around 830...maybe it was for the best (for my wallet). Part of me wants to know what other goodies were up but the other part of me doesn't want to know what I missed out on!

Anonymous said...

LLA - The grape swiftly is definitely more purple than the website pics. On my screen it looks somewhere between inkwell and bruised berry. In person it looks more like a cross between bruised berry and tender violet. I actually layered it with a tender violet CRB and they coordinated quite nicely. Not an exact match but complimentary. (Oh and really cute with inkwell bottoms.) Definitely worth checking out in person!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:39 pm - Good to know - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the plaid AT ALL. Looks like my hubby's pajamas pants or golf pants from the 70s. I thought they were a joke when I first saw them. FUGLY!

Anonymous said...

@anon October 23, 2014 at 9:24 AM

Saw the wmtm as it was uploaded on the US site. Unless you are a size 2 in crb, you're not missing the beachscape crb. Only available in size 2.

Anonymous said...

Nope, all sheer and thin. I haven't bought new Astros or grooves in over 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon@ 3.23 PM yesterday. That makes me feel a lot better!