Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Instagram Spoilers - New Print and Bound Bra is Back! (Yay!)

lululemon energy bra

lululemon bound bra and speed short

New sashiko star-looking print revealed on Instagram in Speed Shorts and an Energy bra. Also shown is a Bound Bra (yay!) and a crop. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the tip.) This print matches the embossed Runday crop print that showed up yesterday. I'm sure we'll be seeing this very soon.


Anonymous said...

Those pics are from Australia and that appears to be quite a summery print, LLA do you think that's perhaps what they're getting down under and not part of NA's winter line?

Anonymous said...

loving the new pattern. I am holding out for the reflective items. Hopefully they will have them at my local NYC store.


Unknown said...

Can you tell me what black sweatshirt top that is?

Anonymous said...

Paradise Grid!! The US and canada should be getting this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I thought lulu didn't advertise and there is a lululemon ad on your sidebar, it says the gear is here what's new.
Are they just targeting you and us addicts?


LuluAddict said...

@M - they are dipping their feet into affiliate advertising. Laurent P. mentioned it in an earlier quarterly conference call and I'm in their pilot program since the blog is pretty widely read. ;-)

What is nice about that What's New ad box is that it takes you right to the upload when it goes live. I don't have to wait for someone to find a working link anymore or try difference browsers. I usually order from my desktop at home so don't use the app for the upload.

From the Q1 2014 conference call:

"And then we’ve really ramped up pace of media. We’re leveraging sort of center channel through Google. We are working on click-to-brick and this is a geo-based strategy that we’re doing in partnership with Google as well. And we’re also accelerating our affiliate partnership with ambassador studio, elite athletes who promote our content and drive traffic to our site....

Additional pay search, affiliate programs and on top of these digital projects we operate in 14 pop-up stores across Canada and the U.S. from April through to September. These stores allow us to target new guests, drive additional sales and showcase the brand in unexpected place."