Saturday, October 25, 2014

More Base Runner Pant Photos, Atman Pants, Black Turn Around Tights and More

lululemon base runner pant swiftly
The Herringbone Base Runner pant and Space Dye Heathered Atomic Red Swiftly

lululemon base runner pant herringbone

lululemon base runner pant pockets

lululemon base runner pant

lululemon base runner herringbone pant

Herringbone Base Runner Pant with the Out of this World LS and Swiftly LS top.

lululemon-baserunner pant
Black Base Runner Pants and the new Blue Swiftly. People have said this swiftly is very close to Pigment blue.

lululemon atman pant fuel green

lululemon fuel green atman pant

lululemon fuel green atman pant
Fuel Green Atman Pants and Love Tee. I tried the Atman pant on yesterday and liked them but not enough for $108. I think she must have them sized down in this photo. It also looks like she has doubled the waist over, too. I also tried on the love tee and liked it a lot but my store only had it in white, gray, and black and white striped.

lululemon anytime dress bordeaux

bordeaux lululemon-anytime dress

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon black out of this world dress

lululemon turn around tight

lululemon pigment swiftly turn-around-tight

lululemon turn around tight black

lululemon turn around tight black

The Heathered Black Turn Around Tights and new blue Swiftly LS. I got my Turn Around Tights yesterday but I'm 90% sure I will be returning them in favor of another pair of Base Runner Pants.

Wheezy Check Berry Yum Yum Pace Setter Skirt on the right.

Rocky Road Journey Crops and Purple Fog Twist N Turn Tank.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find the herringbone base runner pant to run one size large? I tried my tts and the pockets stuck out, but in a size down the pockets laid flat. The black seemed to work tts and the blue may have been a size down as well - the pockets stuck out in the blue tts but I didnt try the size down.

Unknown said...

Does base runner fit TTS? anyone knows? I really like the pattern...

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:50 am - last year I bought them one size down. I just tried on the new ones this morning and was thinking how sloppy they looked in my TTS in the black. I didn't try on the size down. I tried on the herringbone two sizes down since that was all they had and they didn't look half bad so I'm thinking I might want to buy a size down again. I need to try them on again but I had a soccer game I had to get home for so had to leave.

Anonymous said...

Did the base runner pants get uploaded yet? I missed out last year, hopefully I didn't miss is again this year!

Anonymous said...

What top is that in the first pic?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, now I want the herringbone base runners, when I already have the herringbone WUP. I know you can never have too much herringbone, lol, and they are different styles (so she said to herself, as to why it's OK to get the base runners). Thanks for the info. on sizing. Going to try to control myself. I have a trip coming up so have to watch my spending.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:37 pm - they did not. I would think we'll see them in Tuesday's upload.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:42 pm - That is a new swiftly in Atomic Red Space Dye. It's out in US stores now. The color code is HMNJ.

Unknown said...

Are these Base Runner Pants expected on the canadian site tomorrow?
Are they luon or sweat pant material (cotton blend)??
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Just flew out of the store today with base runner pants. So cozy, it didn't want to take them off. However, upon further inspection at home, noticed the pockets stick WAY out at the sides. Not a good look, even though I have no hips. Maybe that's way they stick out so much on me? Anyway, they're a size 2, so can't size down! I'm going back to the store to try another pair. Maybe that pair has a manufacturing flaw? A girl can hope! Either that or they run a size large, which would be a shame for little ole me.