Thursday, October 23, 2014

Manifesto Script Fuel Green Camo Speed Shorts, Anytime Skirt, and More

lululemon fuel green camo manifesto speed shorts

lululemon manifesto script camo fuel green speed-short

manifesto script fuel green camo speed short

lululemon speed-short manifesto camo script fuel-green
From a Texas lululemon store - I'd love to see the shorts paired with a brighter top - Fuel Green Manifesto Camo Speed Shorts and an Inkwell Swiftly LS.

lululemon tracker short manifesto camo green
A Run Times Tank with the Manifesto Script Camo Speeds. The bra band on the tank looks incorrect. It should be much wider. 

lululemon clip in tank brisky-biker-jacket

Another photo of the new Clip In tank and the Dune Brisky Biker Jacket. I liked the looks of the tank much better in the earlier photo I posted.

lululemon anytime skirt deenie-stripe
Deenie Stripe Anytime Skirt.

lululemon journey crop

journey crop luluemon

backside of lululemon journey crop
Refresher Racer Tank in Black Grape Osaka Stripe and Rocky Road Journey Crops. Hmm, the dark seaming wasn't so obvious in earlier photos.

Going Grape Torque Tank, Rocky Road Scuba, and Laser Cut Roll Down Wunder Under Pants. I really wish we were getting a Going Grape Cool Racerback.


Melanie said...

That has got to be the BEST pattern placement on the refresh racer tank. WANT!

Anonymous said...

@LLA-- your comment about the bra band on the Run Times Tank being too thin is because I think its rolled up. I tried this tank on in store, and noticed the wide band is made of mesh material and can be folded up for a thinner look.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:39 am - yeah, I figured it was tucked underneath. That look totally threw me, though. I had to study the website photos to make sure it was the same tank.

LuluAddict said...

I'm wondering if that wide band of mesh is intended to cover up a heart rate monitor strap. I know with tanks like this and the NLT my heart rate monitor strap would show in the gap between the bottom of the bra and the side cut outs. I'll have to take a closer look at this tank in the store.

Anonymous said...

5:26 I like the refresher in the above pattern as well. It also looks great on the woman modeling it.
OT I got the stash it tank from the WMTM and ran in it at the gym last night and it held up pretty well, I am 34D and felt it was supportive.


LuluAddict said...

@M - I tried on the Stash It tank in the store and liked it a lot. I've been eyeing it in WMTM, too, but I've been buying so much lately. I may pull the trigger on it yet.

Anonymous said...

Going Grape looks so pretty in that picture of the Torque Tank, but I'm not going to buy the tank. I do have the new FTBW bra so that will probably be it for me on Going Grape - I don't think we got a CRB yet?

I do not care for the Journey Crop at all. They'll go to wmtm, imo. I wouldn't even buy them then. Anytime Skirt - blah.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:45 pm - There is a Going Grape Refresher Racer tank out. I tried it on today but the back racer part gaps open on me and it hugs my tummy too much. I thought I could hold my nose and get it for the color only but I could not. There is also a going grape First Base tank. I tried that on today, too, but I can't for the life of me figure out under what conditions I'd want to wear a rulu tank. I know they're super popular but they make no sense to me, lol. I really hope there is more GG coming our way.